Who Is Desiree Montoya’s Boyfriend? Who Is She Dating In 2021?

Who is Desiree Montoya dating in 2021? Desiree Montoya is a social media influencer. Born on 23 February 2005 in Texas, USA, Montoya is well-known for uploading short videos on Tiktok. The rising social media influencer has 2.6 millions follower of her Tiktok account. She is also famous on Instagram with 1.5 million followers and YouTube 264k subscribers. Montoya’s zodiac sign is Pisces. And she hasn’t completed her schooling yet & is still in high school. She is so young and so famous that sometimes it is hard to believe. Talking about college – there is no official confirmation regarding whether she pursue it or not.

The rising social media influencer ethnicity is mixed. However, Montoya hasn’t revealed many details about her parents yet and prefers to keep it a secret. But, there is news that her mother has appeared on her social media handle. Talking about her personal life, she has two brothers named Edward & Joseph Montoya. Talking about her previous relationships, she dated Diego Martir, another rising Instagram star, but they broke up in December 2018. The rising social media influencer then dated Vincent Whitaker, a social media personality, for almost two years before they were apart away.

Desiree Montoya
Desiree Montoya

Desiree Montoya Career

Desiree Montoya began her career on musical.ly & even gaining popularity with over 500k followers on the famous app. But after the merge of Musical.ly with famous social media platform Tiktok, Montoya launched her official account under the username dxddy._.desi. On her account, she often posts on Tiktok a variety of short videos, including POV, fashion videos, etc. As she already had a followers music.ly, she quickly gained followers on Tiktok too. The rising social media influencer Montoya has collaborated with fellow creators & even joined the Tiktok group The Bay House. In 2021, she will have over 2.6 million followers with 255 million total hearts on her account. And the fame of this young star increases day by day.

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Unlike many other famous Tiktokers, Montoya launched her own YouTube channel before she got fame on Tiktok itself. She picked up her own for the channel and was launched on 27 June 2018. She started uploading videos in August 2018. Her channel is related to fashion bloggers, so most of her videos fall under the fashion category. Desiree Montoya also does makeup tutorials once in a while on her channel. As of now, she has over 264k subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Net Worth

A large part of her huge income comes from popular social media platforms through the source are different such as sponsorships, ad revenue, etc.  Below we estimated her earnings from each famous social media platform.

Tiktok:- Montoya is a very talented person on the platform with over 2.6 million followers. Due to her popularity in Tiktok, several famous brands look forward to paying for a particular post that aims at brand promotion. Montoya has an average engagement rate of 2.22% & an average heart per video she made is 57,700. Therefore, there is no doubt that the estimated earnings from one sponsored post are anywhere between $1,560 – $2,601.

Instagram:- Montoya is quite popular on Instagram with over 1.5 million followers. The rising social media star is gaining thousands of followers each day. It makes famous brands look out for her to promote their brand/product via a sponsored post. Montoya has an average engagement rate of 11.07%. Hence, the estimated earnings that a young influencer makes from a sponsored post on Instagram is approximate $2,913 – $4,855.

YouTube:- According to SocialBlade, a famous American website to track the social media statistics and analytics, the channel helps her make monthly earnings of $750 & yearly earnings of $10,000.

Note:- The numbers mentioned above are just estimates & are not 100% accurate or correct.

Dating History

Desiree Montoya
Desiree Montoya

The young social media influencer Desiree Montoya is currently single. And she is not ready to engage in a relationship. But, talking about the past relationship, she dated Diego Martir(17), a young Instagram star, but they broke up in December 2018. She then dated Vincent Whitaker(17), a social media personality, for almost two years before they disappeared.

Facts About Desiree Montoya

  • She is a Latina.
  • She is currently 16 years.
  • Montoya’s Snapchat username is @dmontoya148.
  • The young social media star did a tour in the year 2019.
  • She has almost 10k followers on Twitter.

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