Why Women Kill Season 3: Release Date & Everything We Know

Why women Kill Season 3
Why women Kill Season 3

Are you interested in drama series? Then “why Women Kill” is the perfect drama series for you. A power back entertainment with a mixture of thrill, dark humor, and comedy. The series of anthologies will amaze you with its plot, time, and setting. It is a set of series in which deaths are shown which are caused by women. The first season of the series was released on 15 August in the year 2019.  The plot of the series is about three women who live in the same villa but in different time duration. The similarity among them is not only the villa but also trouble and issues in their married life. The cause and effect is the main plot of the story.

The opening theme of season 1 is L-O-V-E” by Michael Feinstein. The story is written by Marc Cherry, and the producer of the series are  Anna Culp, Stephen Bowman, Hannah Schneider, Mark Grossan, and Stacey Harman.

The story shows that peculiar reasons caused the death, but the ultimate was these women. There is also a second season, and it was released in 2021. Let us find out more about season 2 and when will be the third season will release.

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Season 1 Of Why Woman Kill

The first woman is from 1963 when Beth Ann Stanton is a housewife, and the story starts when she finds out that her husband Rob is unfaithful. The second story is of a woman called socialite Simone Grove, and the story revolves around 1984, and she finds out that her husband, Karl is a homosexual. His homosexuality affects her that she starts dating a younger man. The third and final story is of 2019, when attorney Taylor, a bisexual woman, is in an open marriage, and the story starts when she and her husband is attracted towards the same woman called Jade.

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Why Women Kill: Season 2

There are total ten numbers of episodes in season second. The second season was released on 3 June 2021, and it was released on the Paramount network. The second is directed by David Warren, and it was written by Marc Cherry. Likewise, the first season, the second season was so well written. It is the extended version of the season first, but it helps a woman reach her ultimate destination; where she actually belongs. Life is so beautiful, but to make its beauty remain constant, one has to go to the place where it belongs. And the story is about that sense of belongingness. The star cast of the series is Allison Tolman, Nick Frost, Lana Parilla, B.K Cannon, and many others.


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When Will The Season 3 Will Be Released?

There is so much news about season three of the series. People are waiting because booth the previous did amazing work at the box office, and the storyline is fun to watch.  Unlike many series, Each episode of both the season can hold the audience, and it is worthy of watching even for more than one time. Every time you watch, You will have a fresh perspective. This year, In June, the Second season came, and people were waiting for the third season.

Due to the restrictions of Pandemic, There might be few delays in the shooting, but it is expected that the new season will be released soon. There is also news that shooting has begun, and it is confirmed that the third season will be released in the summer season of the upcoming year. The season will be released according to the release time of either the first season or the second season in June Or Early winter. Let us hope best for next season. It is confirmed that the star cast will be changed, and for sure, this time, they will add more drama and suspense to hold the audience and to the plot unique and exciting.

Why Women Kill
Why Women Kill

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