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“Premonition” is the 2007 thriller/mystery film directed by Mennan Yapo. The film started with Sandra Bullock in the lead role, with Julian McMahon and Amber Valletta. The famous thriller/mystery film Premonition deals with a psychological thriller that presents a nightmare scenario. What do you do to try to stop – or, you want to do? The film’s story follows a housewife named Linda who experiences the days surrounding her husband’s death in non-chronological order and how she attempts to save him from his impending doom.

The film opened in 2,831 movie theaters and came in third place behind 300 and Wild Hogs, opening with $17,558,689 with a $6,202 average. Premonition kept running in movie theaters for seven weeks and grossed $47,852,604 in the United States and $84,146 832 worldwide.

Plot Of Premonition

Jim(Julian McMahon) and Linda Hanson(Sandra Bullock) are married. The couple together has two daughters, Megan and Bridgette, but their relationship is faltering. Jim is remaining away from home on a business trip, and Linda has just listened to a phone message from him when Sheriff Reilly knocks on the door and informs her that Jim died in a car accident the previous day. Linda’s mother Joanne comes to her home to help the family, and Linda falls asleep on the living-room couch.

The following morning she gets up in bed and goes downstairs to find Jim drinking coffee and watching TV. While on the road, Linda is pulled over by Sheriff Reilly(Marc Macaulay), who doesn’t recognize her. The following day, Jim is again dead, and Bridgette(Courtney Taylor Burness) has scars on her face. Linda, the lead character in the film, awakens next to an empty bottle of lithium pills prescribed by Dr. Norman Roth, played by Peter Stormare.


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At Jim’s burial, Linda notices an unknown woman mourning at a distance, flees when Linda comes closer to her. Linda finds Dr. Roth’s phone number in the dustbin, but his voicemail message states that the office is only open on weekdays.
Dr. Roth later subdues Linda with two assistants and Sheriff Reilly and commits her to a mental-health facility. But Roth has faith in Reilly that Linda told him Jim was dead the day before the accident, suggesting the likelihood she murdered him and scarred Bridgette’s face.

The following day Linda awakens in bed and finds Jim in the bathroom. After taking the girls off at school, she goes home and searches for the lithium bottle but doesn’t find any. Then she gets the address for Dr. Roth from the phone book and visits his office. He doesn’t recognize her, and she tells him about the suspicions she’s been having. Dr. suggests she is daydreaming, and maybe she wants her husband dead. Dr. Roth prescribes lithium, and she leaves. After leaving, she visits Jim at his office and meets the stranger from the funeral, who introduces herself as Claire Francis. Linda notices how Jim interacts with Claire and realizes that Jim likes her. Coming to the house, Linda lets the lithium tablets go into the sink.


The day when Jim dies in the timeline is Wednesday. Everything that happens before and after the event is affected by the suspicions Linda begins having about his death. When the movie takes a turn back to the days leading up to Jim’s death, knowing that Jim is both going to cheat on her and going to die to offer her an opportunity to change both outcomes. After debating whether or not Jim and their relationship are worth saving, Linda leans on her faith and decides to save the marriage and her husband’s life.

She recommits to her marriage again and expresses her love for her husband, Jim. Because of this, He(Jim) has second thoughts about finally consummating the affair with Claire and calls it off. Finally, Linda prevents the affair from happening and saves her marriage with Jim.

However, she still cannot stop Jim from dying. On Wednesday, Linda follows her husband to the spot of his accident and warns Jim to turn the car around. Jim listens and turns his car, but this only makes him stall his car, and a tanker truck crashes into him and explodes. If she hadn’t had the premonitions, Linda wouldn’t have known that she needed to save her relationship with Jim. Yet Linda’s interference is what causes Jim’s death. In the end, that’s the movie’s message: some things in life, like death, are unavoidable.


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