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This article will list the best films by Brett Goldstein. Brett is an English actor, comedian, and prolific actor. He is most famous for his TV show, Ted Lasso, which airs on Apple TV+. Other than that, he has been a regular part of the movies. His latest release was Thor: Love And Thunder, for which he was highly appreciated. For his TV series, Brett received an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Role. It is commendable that Brett Goldstein is still called for work regularly amongst so many British actors and actresses. This is the value of a true artist and deservingly so.

As a writer, Brett has written many amazing shows. The popular AMC series, Soulmates was written by Goldstein and his partner, Will Bridges. It is based on a short film called For Life. Recent news stated that Brett had signed a multi-year deal with Warner Bros. After his recent film, Thor, there are legit theories that he will appear in future Marvel movies. He came in the mid-credit scene as Hercules, a character known in Greek mythology. The character, Hercules, is very famous all across the world. Gamers know him from the God of War game, where he appears as the villain.

This article will list the best films by Brett Goldstein.

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Best Films Of Brett Goldstein Superbob 1

Superbob has to be one of the best films by Brett Goldstein in terms of the character he portrays. The film is an action romance, and Brett plays the lead character. It’s quite an unrealistic story, where a guy named Bob, played by Brett Goldstein, faces social awkwardness. At the film’s beginning, he works as a postman, but his Life changes when an asteroid hits the earth. After being single for six years, Bob gains supernatural powers and gets a civil servant job. He also finds a date for himself as he sees his life-changing a little bit.

Adult Life Skills

Best Films Of Brett Goldstein Adult Life Skills 1

Adult Life Skills is one of the best films by Brett Goldstein. The story revolves around the Life of Anna, played by Jodie Whittaker, who finds herself after her brother’s death. She is well into her adult life but does nothing except stay at home. When the self-isolation technique becomes impossible to sustain, her Life starts changing. She meets with Brendon, a funny character who impersonates someone else to seduce Anna.

Bullet To The Heart

Bullet To The Heart 1

This film is one of the most unusual types of love story. The main leads in the movie are shown exactly opposite to each other in terms of their profession. Brett is the good cop who has been chasing Jane for years. Even though they hate each other, towards the end, they realize that they are much better lovers than haters.

Wild Honey Pie

Wild Honey Pie Best Films Of Brett Goldstein

A complete sexual comedy, Wild Honey Pie is one of the best films by Brett Goldstein. The character Matt, played by Brett, is a mad one. Matt is shown to be funny at times and sometimes a little strange. The character falls in love with the main lead and confesses his love at a very strange time.

Thor: Love And Thunder

Thor Love And Thunder

Even though it was a very small role in the movie, Brett Goldstein convinced the audience. Brett surprised the audience as Hercules, which will be an interesting character to see in future Marvel movies. Interesting things seemed to be in the lineup for Brett.