5 IPO To Look Out For In 2022 In USA

IPO, also known as an Initial Public Offering, is a process in which the public gets offered new stock of shares of a private company for the first time. An IPO permits a private company to raise its equity capital from investors. Now that the public is investing in a private company, the private corporation becomes a public corporation. An IPO is an advantage to the company’s early investors and founders to get 100% profit from their private investment. This article will list the Best IPO To Look For In 2022 (In the USA).

Here Are The 5 IPOs To Look Out For In 2022


In the year 2021, every eye was on the Stripe. This company became the most valued private company in the world. It had a valuation of more than $95 billion in that year. John Collison and Tom Collison are the two brothers who are also the founders of Stripe. However, John Collison didn’t want the company to become public, but he hadn’t had any say in this decision. In the year 2021, this company grew by nearly 70%. If they have anything like last year, the company will do wonders this year.

IPO Stripe


Pandemic was only good to one company, InstaCart. The company’s revenue increased by 10% in the year 2021. Moreover, the company is solely responsible for 75% of grocery sales in the U.S. It would be no surprise if InstaCart decides to open a supermarket chain of its own.

IPO Instacart



The most recent funding round of Databricks was valued at $38 billion. Databricks and Apache Spark share the same founders. This company gives people a platform to perform ancient SQL analytics and B.I., with knowledge of machines and data science. The company’s growth remained high, with the revenue valued at $420 Million.

IPO Databricks



Chime, which has a huge user base, is owned by Bancorp Bank. It provides fee-free mobile banking services. The Bancorp Bank did not have enough revenues, so they decided to grow their user base with Chime. The company went online during the pandemic and had the best revenues for more than two years.

IPO Chime


Discord is a popular app, especially for young adults. It peaked during the pandemic as the app brought many people together to enjoy and stream movies. Often, people compare Discord with Slack. But, Discord has a higher audience as it is open to a much wider audience. We can do gaming with our friends, stream movies with them, and do many more things. Before the pandemic, the company had 56 million users, but it jumped to 100 million users during the pandemic.

IPO Discord


This was all about the best IPOs to look for in 2022. Ensure enough information about the company’s revenues before investing your precious money. Go through all the details of the company and then make a decision. IPOs are less risky if used carefully.

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