Apple Pushed iPad OS 16 To October

Since Apple separated its tablet software, iPad OS, from its phone software, both have upgraded simultaneously. However, things might alter next month if a new report is correct. Apple looks to be considering postponing the release of iPad OS 16 by around a month compared to iOS 16. The latter would be issued in September, as is customary for a new iOS version, but iPad OS 16 would not be available until October. Here is all the information you need to know about why Apple pushed iPad OS 16 to October.

According to sources, the new Stage Manager multitasking mechanism in iPad OS 16 is taking longer to create than projected. That is the primary cause of the delay. During the current beta testing of the new software, several developers have criticized Stage Manager for being problematic, opaque, and incompatible with most iPads. The release of iPad OS 16 has been postponed due to the delayed availability of new iPads, which are scheduled for October. It’s reported that an iPad Pro with the M2 processor will be released and a quicker entry-level iPad with a USB-C connector.

What are the new features of the iPad OS 16?

Some of the most significant modifications concern multitasking, and there are a handful of M1-specific software gimmicks apply to the most recent iPads that feature Apple’s M1 CPU.

Of course, many of the enhancements in iOS 16 benefit iPad OS 16. (the iPhone operating system version – the two are still closely related). Here are a few examples, but for more information, see our comprehensive guide to iOS 16:

The home app has been redesigned for smart home control—improved dictation with simpler switching between keyboard and Apple Pencil. Apple News now has a ‘My Sports’ area with scores, timetables, and suggested items. Handoff in FaceTime allows you to easily transfer calls across your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. iCloud picture libraries may be shared with up to six people. Live Text can record Text from movies and edit and undo it sent in Messages and Mail. Let’s look at the new features more central to the iPad experience.

  1. It has New collaboration tools
  2. Improved multitasking for M1 iPads

  3. More Pro features

  4. Desktop-class apps

  5. New gaming features

  6. Weather app

Features that are not available in iPad OS 16

  1. New lock screen

  2. Interactive widgets

  3. Redesigned app icons

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Apple also stated that certain features planned for iOS 16 and iPad OS 16 would not be available at launch. For example, a new feature called Live Activities will allow you to check the score of a game or follow your food delivery from the lock screen. Still, this feature will not be available when iOS 16 is released this autumn alongside the iPhone 14.

For the record, macOS Ventura includes Stage Manager. Devindra Hardawar discovered the function to be an outstanding inclusion in his operating system preview.

Apple is anticipated to release macOS Ventura in October. Given that Apple has long tried to shift the iPad’s perspective away from being a giant iPhone and toward being an all-purpose productivity device, releasing iPad OS 16 and macOS Ventura at the same time might convey another subtle message about how the firm is marketing its tablets.