Cast of Las Vegas Where Are They Now? 20 Years After It First Aired

The Cast Of “Las Vegas”: Where Are They Now?

Las Vegas was a crime drama television series that aired on NBC from 2003 to 2008. The show starred Josh Duhamel as Danny McCoy, a former Marine who becomes the head of security at the Montecito Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. The show also starred James Caan as Ed Deline, the casino’s owner, and Vanessa Marcil as Delinda Deline, Ed’s daughter and Danny’s love interest.

The show was a critical and commercial success, running for five seasons. It spawned a spin-off series, CSI: Vegas, which premiered in 2021.

The cast of Las Vegas has gone on to do many things since the show ended.

The Cast of Las Vegas: Where Are They Now?

Josh Duhamel: Danny McCoy To Transformers, And His Split With Fergie

Josh Duhamel played Danny McCoy on the television series Las Vegas. Danny was a former Marine who headed to the Montecito Hotel and Casino after a tour of duty and discharge from the military. He learned the ropes of casino security under Ed Deline’s guidance and ended up becoming his second in command and eventually head of security throughout the series.

Las Vegas was a major turning point in Duhamel’s career. It was his breakout role, and it helped him to land other high-profile projects, such as the Transformers film franchise and the romantic comedy Win a Date with Tad Hamilton.

After Las Vegas ended, Duhamel continued to act in both television and film. He starred in the Transformers sequels, When in Rome, and New Year’s Eve. He also married Fergie, from The Black Eyed Peas, and the two welcomed a son. Duhamel’s divorce was finalized in 2018 and he married Audra Mari in 2022.

In recent years, Duhamel has starred in the films Bandit, Buddy Games, and Shotgun Wedding with Jennifer Lopez. He has also begun working on the series The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers.

James Caan: The Godfather To Misery To Ed Deline

Caan played Ed Deline on Las Vegas. He is also known for his roles in the films “The Godfather” and “Misery.” After Las Vegas, Caan starred in the television series “Hawaii Five-0” and “Back in the Game.” He died in 2022 at the age of 82.

Vanessa Marcil: 90210 To Sam Marquez To Motherhood

Vanessa Marcil played the fiery and strong Samantha “Sam” Marquez on Las Vegas. Sam is a casino host who will do anything to get wealthy “whales” to place bets at the Montecito. She is tough and ambitious, and she is not afraid to put herself out there.

Marcil is a talented actress who has had a successful career. She is best known for her roles on Beverly Hills, 90210, General Hospital, and Las Vegas. She has also appeared in a number of other television shows and films.

Marcil is currently engaged to MC Martin and they live in Los Angeles. She is also writing a book about her life.

Nikki Cox: From the WB to Las Vegas

Cox played Samantha Jane “Sam” Lennox on Las Vegas. She is also known for her roles in the television series “Unhappily Ever After” and “Las Vegas Strip.” After Las Vegas, Cox starred in the television series “Cougar Town” and “The Mindy Project.” She is currently a co-host of

Nikki Cox played Mary Connell on the television series Las Vegas. Connell was the director of special events at the Montecito Resort and Casino, and she worked closely with the rest of the employees to ensure that the casino operated smoothly. Cox is well known for her work on the WB sitcoms Unhappily Ever After and Nikki. She got her start in acting in the early 1990s, and she has appeared in numerous television shows and films since then.

After Las Vegas, Cox starred in the television series Cougar Town and The Mindy Project. She has also had recurring roles on the shows The Good Wife and The Middle. Cox is a talented actress with a wide range of credits. She is also a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur. She is a versatile and accomplished individual who is sure to continue to have a successful career in the entertainment industry.

Molly Sims: Being A Model To Delinda Deline To A Legend

Sims played Monica West on Las Vegas. She is also known for her roles in the films “The Wedding Planner” and “The Mask.” After Las Vegas, Sims starred in the television series “The Beautiful Life” and “Las Vegas Strip.” She is currently a co-host of the fashion show “Project Runway.”

Tamara Taylor

Taylor played Nessa Holt on Las Vegas. She is also known for her roles in the television series “Bones” and “The Night Shift.” After Las Vegas, Taylor starred in the television series “The Fix” and “Prodigal Son.” She is currently a recurring character on the television series “Black Lightning.”

The Legacy of Las Vegas

Las Vegas was a groundbreaking show for its portrayal of a diverse cast of characters. The show featured a strong female lead in Vanessa Marcil, and it also cast actors of color in prominent roles. Las Vegas was a popular show with viewers, and it helped to pave the way for other diverse television shows.

The show also had a positive impact on the way that Las Vegas is portrayed in popular culture. Las Vegas is often portrayed as a city of sin and debauchery, but Las Vegas showed that the city is also a place of excitement, opportunity, and diversity.

Las Vegas is a beloved show that has had a lasting impact on television. It is a reminder that diversity is important, and it is a show that is still enjoyed by fans today.

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