Love Is Blind Season 3 Couples: Where Are They Now?

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Love Is Blind Season 3 took Netflix by storm in the fall of 2022, captivating audiences with its unique premise of people falling in love without ever seeing each other. The reunion revealed a range of relationship statuses among the cast. Some had tied the knot, while others had gone their separate ways. Some were still dating, and some were adjusting to single life. It was a comprehensive update on the rollercoaster of emotions and experiences that followed their love journeys on the show.

It was evident that the Love Is Blind universe had made a significant impact on the lives of its participants. SK, one of the season’s standout stars, aptly put it into words: “Let’s get back into the real world. It’s not Love Is Blind anymore. Life is life now.” One of the standout couples from Season 3, Colleen Reed and Matt Bolton, had a particularly intriguing journey. Despite a tumultuous and brief courtship on the show, they managed to keep their love alive.

In the world of “Love Is Blind,” love is patient, but it’s also resilient. Season 3 took viewers on a rollercoaster of emotions, from the excitement of budding romances to the heartbreak of shattered connections. Yet, even after the cameras stopped rolling, the cast members continued to navigate the complexities of love and relationships, proving that the journey is far from over once the final episode airs.

Are Brennon and Alexa still together?

According to, Alexa and Brennon are currently residing together in Texas, and their love story has continued to flourish. In April, Alexa revealed her and Brennon’s plans to start a family, and in June and July 2023, they embarked on exciting adventures across the globe, with visits to Italy and Israel. Alexa’s Instagram posts documented their travels, showcasing their visit to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in Israel and their main destination, Rome, during their Italian vacation.

On June 30, 2023, the couple celebrated their 2-year wedding anniversary, with Alexa sharing heartwarming throwback photos from their wedding day on her Instagram. The lovebirds also took the time to celebrate Alexa’s dad’s birthday on August 6, 2023, surrounded by family and friends.

Alexa and Brennon (Credit: Courtesy of Netflix)

Living together before tying the knot made the transition to married life feel “natural” for the couple. They even have a humorous agreement where Alexa gets to choose Brennon’s outfits whenever they go out because, as Brennon jokes, he doesn’t have “good fashion sense.” Their wedding song, “Heaven” by Kane Brown, holds a special place in their hearts, and they stop everything to slow dance to it, even if it means pulling over and swaying by the side of the road.

Their love story is not only about the present but also about planning for the future. Alexa and Brennon are already thinking about starting a family. Brennon humorously mentioned that they might need Netflix to get them a “golden baby bottle.”  As for the possibility of expanding their family, there are hints that a baby Lemieux might be on the horizon, especially considering Alexa’s desire for a big family with five kids. While there’s no official news yet, the couple seems to be enjoying their time together.

Their recent trip to Israel in July was not only emotionally significant but also a testament to the love and support they share. Alexa expressed her gratitude for having Brennon by her side during this unforgettable journey.

Their recent trip to Israel in July was not only emotionally significant but also a testament to the love and support they share. Alexa expressed her gratitude for having Brennon by her side during this unforgettable journey.

Are Matt and Colleen still together?

During the reunion episode for Season 3, which was filmed after the “After the Altar” episodes, Matt and Colleen revealed that they hadn’t moved in together immediately after their wedding. This decision wasn’t due to any relationship issues but was based on practical considerations. Both were locked into leases for their respective apartments, and they didn’t want to prematurely break those agreements.

As of August 2023, there have been some speculations about the status of their relationship since neither Matt nor Colleen has posted pictures of each other on their Instagram pages since late June.

Matt and Colleen (Credits:  JAHAIRA ARTHUR)

Matt and Colleen’s journey has been anything but conventional. They got married in a unique way, and they’ve been navigating their marriage in a similarly unconventional manner. Immediately following their wedding, they didn’t move in together because their lease schedules didn’t align, and Colleen didn’t want to leave her roommates in a difficult situation. Instead, they spent seven nights a week together, except for “laundry day” on Mondays, splitting their time between their separate apartments.

Their love story has continued to evolve, and they have been working on their relationship behind closed doors, away from the cameras that once documented their journey. As Matt revealed, Colleen is working three jobs, and he has happily taken on the role of caring for her, from cooking dinner to giving foot rubs. Their relationship has seen astronomical growth, and they both acknowledge that getting married didn’t magically resolve all their issues.

Raven and SK : Broken Up?

Raven and SK’s love story on “Love Is Blind” Season 3 was a rollercoaster ride filled with ups and downs. After initially breaking up at the altar during the season, they surprised viewers with a reconciliation and even got engaged. However, the joy was short-lived as their relationship eventually crumbled.

Raven shared in a confession that she had discovered SK had cheated on her at some point in their relationship, leading to their decision to part ways. Raven opened up about the cheating allegations and the events that unfolded on Nick Viall’s podcast, “The Viall Files.” Her side of the story shed light on the challenges they faced as a couple.

Subsequently, SK also spoke out about the situation in an interview with People. He clarified that they weren’t fully back together while he was seeing other people, and after their reconciliation, he emphasized that their relationship had not turned physical with anyone else. However, he admitted to engaging in inappropriate communications with someone.

As of August 2023, Raven has moved on and is reportedly in a new relationship, although the identity of her new partner remains a mystery. She has expressed her desire to get engaged again this year, indicating her readiness to move forward.

On the other hand, SK has been focusing on his education, graduating with an MBA from the University of California, Berkeley. While his current relationship status is unknown, it is evident that both Raven and SK are moving forward in their separate paths.

Bartise and Nancy: New Beginnings?

The journey of Bartise and Nancy on “Love Is Blind” Season 3 was a rollercoaster of emotions that culminated in a heartbreaking breakup during the finale. While Nancy was ready to say “I do,” Bartise decided to call things off. Here’s a glimpse of what has transpired in their lives since their dramatic split.

Bartise and Nancy (Credits: Netflix)

In February 2023, Nancy shared her perspective on the situation with TODAY and disclosed that she was no longer friends with Bartise. Additionally, she revealed that she had re-entered the dating world. By August 2023, Nancy had relocated to New York City and was seemingly still dating, although her current partner’s identity remains a mystery.

Bartise, on the other hand, appeared on Netflix’s dating show “Perfect Match.” In April 2023, he made an exciting announcement that he had become a father to a baby boy. Furthermore, in July 2023, reports surfaced that Bartise was in a relationship with a woman named Cait Vanderberry. As of August 2023, Bartise and Cait were still together, as evidenced by Cait’s Instagram posts featuring the couple’s adventures in New York.

Cole and Zanab: The Explosive Relationship

For Cole, the reunion provided closure and the opportunity to have a conversation with Zanab, allowing both of them to move forward. He is actively dating and focusing on personal growth, even as he navigates the unique challenge of dating in the public eye.

Cole and Zanab (Credits: Sara Mally/Netflix)

Reflecting on her emotional journey, Zanab acknowledged the toll the breakup took on her self-confidence. She went through a period of self-reflection and therapy, ultimately finding healing and happiness within herself. Zanab is currently single and open to meeting her future “husbae,” even playfully suggesting a connection with actor Chris Evans.

In February 2023, Cole revealed to the NY Post that he was back in the dating world, primarily using the Hinge dating app. He received countless messages from interested women, but as of August 2023, it appears he is still single. Cole expressed his focus on personal growth until he finds the right partner.

On the other hand, information about Zanab’s post-show life has been scarce, but it seems she has been open to new connections. In a TikTok video from February 2023, she hinted at connecting with someone new.