5 Penny Stocks Listed In NYSE You Should Consider

NYSE Penny Stocks

Penny Stocks are micro and small-sized parts of companies with a quoted price of less than $5. These stocks are traded on OTC Markets. OTC Markets are those markets where the regulations are mostly fewer. Penny Stocks should be registered with the SEC or NYSE, or NASDAQ. With the help of these trading places, stock exchanges are always updated. If this is new to you, don’t worry; we have your back. One thing you have to be careful about is that penny stocks that have high costs would never provide you profit. Low costs penny stocks have a greater potential to double or triple your money in such a short amount of time. This article will list 5 NYSE Penny Stocks that you should consider.

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5 Penny Stocks in NYSE That You Should Consider

1. Gerdau

These penny stocks are a part of Gerdau SA, which produces steel products. The company operates in many sectors, including civil construction, automotive, research and development, agriculture, iron ore, home steel, exports, etc. It offers various products such as slabs, mechanical construction bars, nails, etc. This company has diverse geographical locations such as Brazil, North America, and South America.

NYSE Penny Stocks Gerdau

2. New Gold

This company is a gold mine in Canada. It has and operates various projects related to mining, including Rainy River in Ontario and Cerro San Pedro in Mexico. This company has a high liquidity rate, and it has generated a profit of $600 million in the year 2019.

NYSE Penny Stocks New Gold

3. Genworth Final

This company has headquarters in Virginia and Richmond. It is an insurance holding company. They are helping families to get free from their mortgage insurance. This company has more than $1 billion in capital and tends to trade more than 5 million daily shares.

NYSE Penny Stocks Genworth Finl

4. Uranium Energy

Uranium Energy Corporation is related to uranium mining. The projects are done in the United States and Paraguay. The company’s hub is in South Texas. The company also operates projects in New Mexico and Arizona.

NYSL Penny Stocks Uranium Energy

5. XL Fleet.

XL Fleet Corporation provides light electricity to commercial vehicles. The company is operating in North America. This company provides electricity solutions to commercial vehicles, which can be sold and deployed within the range of popular manufactured vehicles.

NYSL Penny Stocks XL Fleet

Penny Stocks is an interesting opportunity for beginners investors and seasoned traders to get money. Penny Stocks has a low cost which is perfect for anyone new to investing or wants to learn more about investing. You can easily buy or sell shares without filling your pocket. If you’re looking for safe and no-risk investments in penny stocks, look at the list above of NYSE penny stocks that you should consider buying.

NOTE: You can easily find Penny Stocks Mutual Funds or Foreign Exchange with the help of online brokers. They will help and guide you in finding out the perfect investment for you.

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