Abby De La Rosa: Who Is The American DJ Dating In 2021?

Another one of Nick Cannon's girlfriends.
Nick Abby Maternity Shoot 2021 Dating Twin Babies
Nick Abby Maternity Shoot

Abby De La Rosa is a famed music artist and DJ, presenter, voiceover artist, and social media influencer.  Born on the 25th of October, 1990, she began working on her DJ and music career at a young age, claiming that her love of music and the industry felt fated for her to pursue! Her works are enjoyed all across the globe. Abby has worked as an “On-Air Personality” at iHeartMedia for four years. Currently living in Los Angeles, California, her net worth seems to be approximately 4-5 million dollars. 

She catapulted into the limelight when information about her pregnancy spread like wildfire on social media. Initially, she planned on keeping her “baby-daddy” a secret, but she took to Instagram to show the world her cute little family. On her Instagram post, Abby De La Rosa expressed her joy by referring to her twins as “miracle babies.” She claims to have been manifesting for twin babies and that the couple has been blessed with their heart’s desire. She is in a loving relationship with comedian Nick Cannon, who’s previously dated prominent people like Mariah Carey, Brittany Bell, Kim Kardashian (rumored). Abby also runs her own company named “Masked by La Rose.” With a pretty catchy motto: “Why not be a BAD B**CH while wearing a mask?” Abby asserts on her website.  She sells reusable and washable masks, encoring everyone to groove while staying safe!

Abby De La Rosa Nick Cannon Dating 2021 Mariah Care Christmas Twins Kids
Abby De La Rosa


Her Lover:

The two parents, Nick Cannon and Abby De La Rosa, welcomed their twin sons, Zion Mixolydian Cannon and Zillion Heir Cannon, in June. Looking like the most adorable twins ever, Abby curated a twin-Instagram account where she posts their cute lil’ shenanigans.

De La Rosa used her Instagram Stories to host a question-and-answer session. She revealed that she and Cannon planned to have their first child in April 2020, but she suffered a miscarriage. De La Rosa ended up finding out she was pregnant again in October. She claims that specific manifestations transpired as the universe finally worked in their favor. It was a difficult time for her and Nick, but everything turned out beautifully for them.

She reveals that her first pregnancy in April 2020 was just the spark of a blossom of a great friendship between her and Nick. Cannon now has seven children, considering his first set of twins, his son Moroccan and his daughter Monroe, with his ex-wife, singer Mariah Carey

Maternity Shoot Abby De La Rosa Dating 2021 Nick Cannon
Maternity Shoot Abby De La Rosa

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Lots of Love:

She strikes a pose on Instagram being “forever thankful” on thanksgiving, holding her two babies on each arm as she sways to some music playing in the back. Since her pregnancy announcement, she’s been active on social media, showing her beau off and not shying away from showing off her two “sunshine.”The parents, Abby and Nick, recently dressed up as Ghostbusters and Stay-Puft Marshmallow Men for their sons’ first Halloween celebration

Instagram Story 2021 Abby De La Rosa
Instagram Story 2021 Abby De La Rosa

Nick Cannon:

Nick Cannon, the presenter, was rumored to be nowhere around Abby during the birth, but those rumors were quickly shot down as Abby took to social media to post pictures with her boyfriend. In a recent interview, Nick joked about “being a seahorse” with the euphemism of having many kids. In the same show, he talks about wanting to stay celibate as he’s trying to “chill out,” after which he chuckled, swiftly adding “at least until the New Year.” He thinks he’s had enough kids, for now, and stated that he adores each and every child to death. Nick Cannon has lost his child from Alyssa Scott Zen to a brain tumor, and that incident has shaped his life to take an inevitable turn. He reminisced about taking Zen to the ocean as they held his hand for the last time and released an episode about going through the motions a the most devastating time. Fans and celebrities offered him a lot of support, for which he thanked them duly for staying by his side at the time of need. 

Zion Zillion Baby Twins 2021 Nick Cannon Abby De La Rosa
Zion and Zillion Baby Twins

Currently, we see Nick and Abby still together, on the twins’ accounts and also on Abby De La Rosa’s. The happy couple ends their New Year together, with double the love and gratefulness. 

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