AI-Powered Food Startup Hungryroot Tackles Waste, Addressing Climate Impact

Food waste in the U.S. is a big problem. About one-third of all the food made ends up in the trash instead of being eaten. This waste happens because too much food is produced, packaged, stored, and delivered, which all adds to climate change.

A recent study found that making food creates 26% of the greenhouse gases that harm the Earth.

Some companies, like HelloFresh, Blue Apron, and EveryPlate, try to reduce food waste by sending people just the right amount of food for specific recipes.

A company in New York called Hungryroot is going even further. They use artificial intelligence to give customers exactly what they need.

AI-Powered Food Startup Hungryroot Tackles Waste
Investors praise Hungryroot’s profitable model, reducing waste and meeting customer needs.

Customers explain to Hungryroot what foods they like, what they’re allergic to, and what their health goals are, how they want it to be cooked. Hungryroot’s technology then figures out which recipes and groceries are best for each customer.

Ben McKean, the CEO of Hungryroot, says their goal is to give customers only the food they need for the week. They also give simple recipes, so there’s less chance of wasting food.

Before sending out orders, Hungryroot shows customers what’s in their cart for the week. Customers can change or approve items.

Food waste in the U.S.: 1/3 of production is in landfills, adding to climate change.

Hungryroot also tries to waste less food at their warehouses. For example, if they have more broccoli than Brussels sprouts and the customer doesn’t have a preference, they’ll recommend broccoli.

This approach helps Hungryroot waste 80% less food compared to regular grocery stores.

Investors like Lightspeed Venture Partners think Hungryroot’s model is smart and profitable. Hungryroot has been making money for three or four years, which is rare for food businesses like theirs.

Hungryroot has gotten support from investors like L Catterton, Crosslink Capital, Karp Reilly, and Lerer Hippeau. They’ve raised a total of $75 million.

Sajda Parveen
Sajda Parveen
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