Anne Heche’s Estate: Two Years Later, Challenges Remain Unresolved

Almost two years after actress Anne Heche died, her estate is still not ready to be closed.

Heche died on Aug. 11 from breathing in smoke and heat, and it was called an accident by the LA County Department of Medical Examiner.

More than $6 million in debts are still waiting to be paid from Heche’s estate, according to documents from FOX Business.

Her oldest son, Homer Heche Laffoon, who is in charge of the estate, hopes to settle the debts without going to court.

Anne Heche Son
Homer Heche Laffoon, the oldest son, aims to settle debts without legal action. (Credits: Pinkvilla)

Laffoon, along with James Tupper, the father of Heche’s youngest son, Atlas, is selling some of Heche’s things before selling the rest through a company.

A book deal for “Call Me Anne” was made before Heche’s death and was published in January 2023, but sales are not doing well.

Heche’s ex-boyfriend, Thomas Jane, wants over $149,000 from the estate, and Citibank wants over $36,000. There are also claims from the hospital and the tax board.

Heche’s crashed home was sold, and rebuilt, and is now under contract for $1.35 million. (Credits: iStock)

A woman whose home Heche crashed into is asking for $2 million, as are the original owners of the house.

Heche’s crash into the house caused a fire and she was critically injured. The house was sold in 2023 and rebuilt. It’s now under contract to be sold for $1.35 million.

Heche had a serious brain injury and was kept on life support to see if her organs could be donated. She was taken off life support on Aug. 14 and is survived by her two sons.

Sajda Parveen
Sajda Parveen
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