Apple Introduces iPhone Screen Mirroring on Mac: Try It Now in Developer Betas

At the 2024 Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple revealed a new feature for macOS: the ability to mirror your iPhone screen on your desktop. This feature is now available in the latest developer beta versions of iOS 18 and macOS Sequoia, allowing eager users to give it a try.

Public betas for both systems are expected in July, though it’s unclear if this feature will be included right away. Users in the EU might experience delays due to concerns about privacy and data security under the Digital Markets Act.

For those eager to try the feature immediately, having a developer account allows access to these betas despite the inherent risks of beta software.

With this feature, users can control their iPhones from their Macs even when the phones are locked and in StandBy mode. Additionally, iOS app notifications will be mirrored to the desktop, enhancing the integration between the devices.

Apple Introduces iPhone Screen Mirroring on Mac: Try It Now in Developer Betas
Apple Introduces iPhone Screen Mirroring on Mac: Try It Now in Developer Betas

To utilize iPhone mirroring, users must be signed into the same Apple Account on both devices and have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled. The virtual iPhone will operate at 60 fps, defaulting to vertical mode unless a horizontal game is launched.

The mirroring is designed to use similar battery power to physically using the iPhone, and unlocking the handset will immediately close the mirroring window on the Mac.

Future updates from Apple will include additional mirroring features, such as drag-and-drop file transfers and support for third-party apps, further enhancing the cross-device functionality.

However, the current developer beta notes mention some known issues, like difficulties launching lock screen apps or using Universal Clipboard while mirroring, which Apple is working to resolve.

It’s also important to note that initially, iPhone mirroring will not work simultaneously with macOS mirroring on Apple Vision Pro. Apple aims to address these bugs and improve the feature’s reliability before its full public release, ensuring a seamless user experience across its ecosystem.

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