Baltimore Bridge Collapse Creating Waves in Global Stock Market

An early Tuesday morning ship crash resulting in a bridge collapse in Baltimore has disrupted global supply chains and impacted associated stocks.

Maersk, a Danish shipping company chartering the vessel involved in the collision with the Francis Scott Key Bridge, witnessed its stock plummet by as much as 8% in Copenhagen following the incident.

The ship, named Dali, struck the bridge at approximately 1:30 a.m. on Tuesday, causing it to fracture and collapse into the river below.

Current State of the Bridge

While all crew members have been safely located, the collision resulted in multiple vehicles sliding into the water. Search and rescue efforts are currently underway.

In response to the tragedy, Maersk issued a statement expressing horror at the events and extending sympathies to all affected parties.

In February, the company announced the suspension of a stock buyback program, anticipating a significant earnings downturn.

Maersk shares had already declined by 25% year-to-date as of Monday, attributed to disruptions in the Red Sea and a decrease in freight demand post-pandemic. (Credits: Maersk)

Consol Energy, a coal-mining firm utilizing the Baltimore Marine Terminal for loading coal onto large ocean vessels, experienced a decline of up to 10% in its stock value.

CSX Transportation, which services Consol’s terminal, saw a 3% dip at intraday lows. Norfolk Southern, another transport company associated with the terminal, initially dropped by 1% before recovering slightly.

Josh Alba
Josh Alba
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