Beenie Man New Girlfriend: Who Is The Rapper Dating In 2021?

Beenie Man Dating
Beenie Man Dating

Beenie Man is a Jamaican dancehall DJ. The star has got an exciting music career. He started at a young age. From the age of five, he was into deejaying. Although his original name was Anthony Moses Davis, he opted for Beenie Man for the stage. And rightfully so! The name picked up quite a vibe and gave him a kick start in his career. But what’s more interesting is his personal life. He is notoriously known for jumping from one relationship to the other like life is a game.

The man had been previously in the news about the controversial lyrics in his songs. He was also in the spotlight for his offensive comments about women. But this time, it is none of these that have brought the DJ back into the public eye. Beenie Man broke up with his girlfriend earlier this year. But recently, a viral video of him celebrating a woman’s birthday became viral. This kept fans wondering about the current relationship status of the celebrity. Most netizens are of the view that Beenie Man has started dating a new girl. What is the truth behind this? Is Beenie Man really in a relationship? Let us find out more as we look more into the life of the DJ.

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Is Beenie Man Dating?

Recently, Beenie Man released a video of him singing a birthday song to a young lady. Although there has been no confirmation about whether she is his girlfriend or not, it seems like he has started dating again. Given his history, this is the only possible conclusion. It was not long since Beenie Man called quits with his girlfriend and media personality Krystal Tomlinson. Fans thought they were an item because they lasted pretty long compared to his other relationships. But the DJ relapsed to his old self and parted ways with Krystal. But the identity of the new girl is still unclear.

Beenie Man Dating
Beenie Man And Sasha During VP Records 25th Anniversary

When asked why he switched women often, the DJ commented that he is always into young women. This statement caused quite a commotion and ended up making Beenie Man the subject of debate. These misogynistic comments, coupled with his antigay lyrics in his songs, were heavily criticized by many. He had to finally apologize to resolve these issues.

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Personal Life And Dating History

Dancehall legend Anthony Moses Davis going by the stage name Beenie Man had been married to Jamaican reggae singer Michelle D’Angelo Downer in 2006. Their relationship did not last long, and they separated from each other after just one year into the marriage. But the divorce was not finalized until 2011. In 2007, they released a duet titled You are My First. Beenie Man started dating social media personality Krystal Tomlinson a little while after. Many thought the Beenie finally met his match, and this relationship was going to stay. But the speculations subsided when the couple announced that they were going separate ways.

In October of this year, the DJ was spotted together with British actress and model Alexis Economou. Although there have been many photos and videos that suggested that the couple were dating, there has not been any official confirmation from both sides. But this was followed by break-up rumors of the couple. Some fans speculate that the huge age difference between the couple might be the reason for their split. The actress was 28 at the time she dated the 48-year-old DJ.

Beenie Man Dating
Beenie Man Performs Onstage During The 2013 BET Awards

It was after his relationship with the Economou, rumors began circulating about his new girlfriend. All of this started when some videos of Beenie Man wishing birthday to a young lady became viral after he posted it on social media. There were also many photos of him hugging an unknown woman. She is much younger than the DJ. Although there is little to no information about this alleged girlfriend’s identity, fans hope that Beenie Man will be revealing the details about her soon.

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