Billionaire Tory Burch Reveals Her Brand Journey and How Much Her Life Changed

At the 2024 TIME 100 Summit, Tory Burch, the 57-year-old executive and philanthropist, shared her reflections on her remarkable journey to success, acknowledging the occasional disbelief at her achievements.

During a panel on leadership, Burch expressed gratitude for the past two decades, marveling at her endurance amidst the challenges she has encountered.

“When I think about the last 20 years, I can’t believe I’m still standing,” she remarked. “There are so many things that have happened that I could have never imagined.”

Burch’s eponymous brand boasts over 300 global locations, with her designs adorning some of the fashion industry’s biggest names.

Tory Burch (Credits: Architectural Digest)

Her entrepreneurial endeavors have propelled her to billionaire status, as reported by Forbes. However, Burch humbly credited her resilience as the cornerstone of her success.

“The highs and lows teach you resilience. They teach you how to take things as they come,” she explained.

Managing a workforce of over 5,000 employees, Burch emphasized the importance of leading by example and remaining adaptable in business operations.

“You have to have conviction and a vision and not deviate from that, but also be able to move into the current,” she noted.

Tory Burch
Tory Burch Store

“It’s so important to have a unique point of view and make your mark and do something that is answering a need, but also be able to move when you have to move in different directions.”

Throughout her career, Burch has embedded resilience into the fabric of her company, ensuring its ability to weather challenges.

“We’re a diversified company, and everything from our supply chain to where we are globally is so important because it makes you more resilient,” she emphasized.

“Because when certain things happen in different places around the world, you have to be able to power through that and rise to the occasion.”

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