Boeing is Putting Hundreds at Risk if They Don’t Address Plane Safety Issues, Sam Salehpour Says

On Wednesday, a whistleblower alerted the US Congress to potentially life-threatening consequences if Boeing fails to address quality issues within its operations.

Sam Salehpour, an engineer at Boeing, testified during a significant hearing on Capitol Hill, expressing concerns about his safety after coming forward with his apprehensions.

He criticized Boeing for lacking a “safety culture,” alleging that employees who raise concerns are often “ignored, marginalized, threatened, sidelined, and worse.”

Boeing Plant (Credits: First Class

Salehpour, with over a decade of experience at Boeing, identified gaps between key sections of the 787 Dreamliner, affecting “more than 1,000” jets in service. He warned that this issue could lead to premature fatigue failure in critical airplane joints over time.

Ed Pierson, a former Boeing engineer leading the Foundation for Aviation Safety, also testified, alleging a “criminal cover-up” following a cabin panel blowout, which sparked Boeing’s latest safety crisis.

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating Salehpour’s claims that Boeing compromised safety to alleviate production bottlenecks. Salehpour urged Boeing to ground all 787 jets for inspection, fearing potential fuselage failures after repeated trips.

In response, Boeing stated it has taken significant steps to promote a safety culture since 2020 but acknowledged the need for further improvement.

Meanwhile, Pierson raised concerns about missing records related to the removal of a door from an Alaska Airlines flight before the cabin blowout incident. He described this as a “criminal cover-up” and supplied relevant documentation to the FBI.

Boeing Logo (Credits: Boeing)

Boeing emphasized that retaliation is strictly prohibited within the company. Salehpour recounted instances of facing pushback when attempting to address issues internally.

Following January’s incident, Boeing’s CEO and board chair announced plans to resign, signaling a commitment to address safety concerns and rebuild public trust.

Salehpour concluded his testimony by urging accountability and an end to a corporate culture prioritizing profit over safety. Boeing reiterated its commitment to safety and quality, pledging transparency with regulators, customers, and stakeholders.

Josh Alba
Josh Alba
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