Brian Laundrie’s Death: The Staged Tactics

Laundrie's parents have come under fire for allegedly assisting and abetting their son's alleged crime. TW // Mentions of suicide, abduction and murder.
Gabby Petite Brian Laundry Suicide Autopsy
Brian Laundry

If you’re unfamiliar with Brian Laundrie, let me fill you in. He is the fiancé of Gabby Petito, the hiker who went missing and was murdered. If none of that rings a bell, you might want to start watching the headlines. His net worth is an estimated 5 million dollars. Since he’s gone awol, the artist- part-time hiker’s Instagram reveals his riches, to an estimate. 

While the search for slain YouTuber Gabby Petito’s fiance Brian Laundrie continues, rumors about his role in her death are circulating on social media. The internet continues to be furious that enough is not being done after the FBI classified his home a “crime scene” and supposedly hauled piles of evidence and his parents from the family home. Laundry is still on the loose, and Petito’s family maintains that the correct term for his disappearance is “hiding,” not “missing.” Laundrie’s autopsy suggests he is dead by suicide. 

Gabby Petite Brian Laundry 2021
Gabby Petite Brian Laundry 2021

Why’s Laundrie Awol?

Here’s a quick timeline to remind you why Brian Laundrie is now mia. Gabby Petito went on a cross-country excursion with Laundrie in September when her family reported her missing. Her murder was revealed to the rest of the world a few days later. Her suspiciously acting fiancé is the obvious suspect. The internet has run its search party ever since the FBI turned to the general public for help. Brian’s every action was speculated, and he kept seeming suspicious every time someone got new information on him. 

According to investigators, Laundrie went back to their North Port, Florida, home in early September without Petito and refused to speak with authorities. He vanished two weeks later after leaving his home, prompting a weeks-long search in a massive Florida wildlife reserve. According to a source close to Laundrie’s family, he left home without his phone or wallet. Very conveniently, the authority accepts the naturality of that incident. According to the indictment, Laundrie is suspected of using a debit card and PIN for charges totaling more than $1,000 on accounts unrelated to him between August 30 and September 1. On October 21st this year, Bertolino claims that Laundrie’s parents told the FBI and North Port police the night before that they planned to search the park for Laundrie. The family and law enforcement joined them at the site of Laurie’s frequent hike trail, and after a “short search,” the family and law enforcement discovered goods that belonged to him, according to the attorney.

Brian Laundrie
The Internet Speculates Brian’s Fake Death Based On His Internet Usage And Have Also Spotted A Brian Laundrie Lookalike On Twitter And Wonder If Its Him.

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Updates On Gabby:

Gabby Petito, a native of Blue Point, New York, lived in North Port, Florida, with Laundrie, her fiancé, and his parents. Petito documented her travels on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok beginning in 2019. Petito’s remains were discovered in Wyoming’s Bridger-Teton National Forest just days after officials on the opposite side of the country began searching for Laundrie. Petito died of strangulation, according to a Wyoming coroner’s report. According to Charles Jones, FBI Denver’s supervisory senior resident agent in Wyoming, “Full forensic identification has not been carried out to confirm 100 percent that they discovered Gabby.” Petito’s parents claim they haven’t heard from their daughter since towards the end of August, and they have pleaded with Laundrie and the public to share any information they may have regarding her demise. However, Laundrie vanished soon after returning to Florida, prompting the FBI to issue an arrest warrant, despite officials’ inability to locate him for weeks.

Gabby Petite Brian Laundrie
The Internet Demands Answers.

The Internet Uproar:

The internet is fed up with the authorities’ inept handling of Gabby’s case. Witnesses on a hike who spotted the couple dispute and Laundrie get abusive shortly before they got into the car and drove away have testified in front of the entire world. The whole ordeal of Laurie being reported “gone presumed dead” and the miraculous discovery of his possessions doesn’t seem to affect the internet, considering how manufactured everything appears to be. They believe the law protects Laundrie for questionable reasons, which Gabby Petito and her family do not deserve.

Gabby Petite Brian Laundrie 2021 Net Worth
Gabby Petite Brian Laundrie 2021

Petito and Laundrie were apprehended on August 12 in Moab, Utah, after a witness called 911 to report a “domestic problem” the couple was having outside the Moonflower Community Cooperative. Petito allegedly slapped Laundrie across the face during a phone battle, then climbed through the van’s window as though Laundrie had locked her out, according to the 911 caller. Petito was “sobbing uncontrollably” when officers pulled them stop, according to the police report. Gabrielle did not stop crying, breathing deeply, or composing a sentence without needing to wipe away tears, wipe her nose, or rub her knees with her hands at any point during the investigation, according to the police officer.

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