CEO Details RadNet’s Initiative to Pilot Mammogram Screenings at Walmart Stores

RadNet CEO Howard Berger informed CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Friday about the company’s efforts to enhance access to mammograms by initiating programs that offer these routine screenings at Walmart.

“There is, perhaps, one-third of the female population that should be getting routine breast screening and which are not for a variety of reasons, many of which is it’s just inconvenient to find a place that’s comfortable for them to go or a lack of education,” Berger expressed. “If you can do it at the place where they’re just going regularly, to begin with, then it should provide us with a better opportunity to enhance breast cancer detection.”

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Improved detection rates are anticipated, targeting one-third of females missing routine screenings. (Credits: Pexels )

Berger expressed satisfaction with the outcomes of the initial mammogram pilot in Delaware, noting that RadNet is gearing up to commence another in Arizona later in March.

The radiology company’s robust quarterly report propelled its stock significantly, concluding Friday with an increase of a little over 17%. Berger attributed some of Radnet’s recent success to the overall expansion in the industry as people recognized the significance of imaging in early disease detection.

He highlighted an increase in MRI volume as more patients embark on treatment with new Alzheimer’s drugs. He elucidated that scans are imperative throughout treatment to ensure the medications’ side effects aren’t exacerbating a patient’s condition.

Success was evident in Delaware pilot; Arizona launches scheduled, reflecting a commitment to expanded access. (Credits: Pexels)

Berger also delved into how the company’s new artificial intelligence imaging technology is enhancing the accuracy of prostate screenings. While acknowledging the importance of biopsies in diagnosing prostate cancer, he emphasized that this new technology can mitigate unnecessary procedures.

“What we’re really looking at is trying to avoid the biopsies on those patients that really didn’t need it,” he emphasized. “The standard of care now is very rapidly becoming a screening or diagnostic prostate MRI scan.”

Sajda Parveen
Sajda Parveen
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