CFO of Red Lobster Points to $20 Shrimp Deal and High Labor Costs as the Reason for Bankruptcy

Red Lobster wanted more people to come to its restaurants and buy more food, so they came up with a deal called ‘Endless Shrimp’ for just $20. It was supposed to be a temporary thing, but it was so popular that they kept it permanently by June 2023. They thought more people would buy other things too, but most people just chose the cheap shrimp deal.

The deal got even more famous because of apps like TikTok, where people showed off how much shrimp they could eat. But selling so much shrimp at such a low price ended up making Red Lobster lose a lot of money.

In 2023, Red Lobster lost a record amount of $11 million because of this deal. So, they had to rethink their plan. By the end of the year, they raised the price of the ‘Endless Shrimp’ deal to $25 to try to stop losing so much money.

Red Lobster’s Financial Struggles: The Tale of the ‘Endless Shrimp’ Deal

Red Lobster, a popular seafood restaurant chain founded in Lakeland, Florida in 1968, now has around 650 locations all over the United States. People love it for its delicious cheddar bay biscuits and seafood dishes.

Red Lobster Resturants
Restaurants experiment with different dishes to overcome the losses

But things haven’t been going well lately. Red Lobster has been facing big debts and lost £10 million ($12.5 million) just in the last quarter of 2023. To survive, the company is thinking about making some big changes.

One option they’re considering is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. This would let them reorganize how they do things. They could get rid of expensive contracts and try to get better deals on rent, which are both causing them financial trouble.

The restaurant industry reflects a continuous struggle between tradition and adaptation in a changing market.

Red Lobster has hired a well-known law firm called King & Spalding to help them with this process. While they haven’t decided for sure if they’ll file for bankruptcy, experts think it might be the best way for Red Lobster to keep running and hopefully make a profit again.

Restaurant Innovations and Challenges

The situation with Red Lobster shows how tricky the restaurant industry can be. Sometimes, trying new things can have unexpected results.

Other restaurants, like Sansan Ramen in Queens, are using technology to improve the dining experience. They have virtual greeters to welcome customers. But then there are places like Wendy’s, where there have been reports of problems with how they run things.

Endless Shrimp of Red Lobster
Red Lobster increased the price of the ‘Endless Shrimps’ from $20 to $25 (Credits: Red Lobster)

Red Lobster’s struggle with high costs and customer satisfaction highlights the tough balance restaurants need to find. They have to be innovative, manage costs, and keep customers happy, but Red Lobster is having a hard time doing all three.

As Red Lobster tries to figure things out, the whole restaurant industry is paying attention. What happens with Red Lobster could show other restaurants what works and what doesn’t in this changing industry.

From starting as a single restaurant in Florida to becoming a big chain and facing challenges now, Red Lobster’s journey reflects what’s happening in the restaurant world. It’s a constant battle between sticking to tradition and trying new things.

Sajda Parveen
Sajda Parveen
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