Chesney Hawkes Net Worth: How Much Does The Musician Earn In 2021?

Chesney Hawkes Net Worth
Chesney Hawkes Net Worth

We are back again with another article about celebrity net worth. This time it is none other than the English musician and actor Chesney Hawkes. The singer and songwriter have had an exciting career. Born in Windsor, Berkshire, he was named after the musician Chesney Allen. He started his music career at a very young age. One of his biggest hits, The One and Only, was featured in the Michael J Fox movie Moon.

But music is not the only thing Chesney Hawkes is known for. One might also recall him for his brief appearances in various film roles. Hawkes also took part in several reality shows, including appearances in Celebrity Big Brother. All of this might contribute to the actor’s net worth. However, in this article, we will be focusing more on the singer’s earnings and annual income and the career choices he made to achieve the same. Let us look into the net worth of Chesney Hawkes as of 2021.

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Chesney Hawkes Net Worth

The English singer and songwriter Chesney Lee Hawkes is estimated to have $ 12 million. Hawkes started his music career with the hit single The One and Only. It is interesting to note the number of times they have used this song in movies. At first, it was featured in his debut movie Buddy’s song where he played one of the lead roles. Yeah! That’s right, Chesney Hawkes is also an occasional actor.  After that, it was featured in the opening credits of the 2009 movie Moon. However, almost thirty years into the industry, you would expect someone like Hawkes, who started at a young age, to release more records. But on the contrary, the musician has only a few singles to his credit. Most of his albums either failed or were not released at the said time.

Chesney Hawkes Net Worth
Chesney Hawkes Attends The 8th Annual BritWeek Launch Party.

But Hawkes is credited for his songwriting skills and has worked as a songwriter for other artists. He also occasionally takes up acting jobs. He debuted into acting before starting a professional music career. Another important part that makes up the singer’s net worth is his television appearance. Throughout his years in the industry, he always managed to make himself relevant through these choices. According to an estimate, Hawkes has almost an annual income of $ 400,000. This means that on a monthly basis, he makes at least $32,000. Given the number of talents he possesses and his constant effort to remain consistently an on-screen presence, this is a possible figure.

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More About Chesney Hawke’s Early Life And Career

Chesney Lee Hawke was born on 22nd September 1971 to parents Len Hawkes and Carol Gilworth. His father was part of a band, The Tremeloes, back in the 1960s. His mother was also a celebrity. She was the hostess of a game show. His father named him Chesney after the singer Chesney Allen. Len Hawkes wanted his son to pursue a career in music. But, Chesney’s music life did not get the hype he anticipated. Even though he became a famous face, the number of albums he has released throughout his career is very low.

His sister Keely Hawkes was also part of a band. Keely used to be the lead singer of the 1990’s band, Transister. She now works as a songwriter. Currently, Chesney Hawkes lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Kristina. The couple has three kids.  On the 60th birthday of entrepreneur Duncan Bannatyne, Hawkes was invited to sing at the party. Bannatyne was a fan of Hawke’s for a long time. Hawkes played his hit single The Only and a version of Barry Manilow’s classic Mandy at the party.

Chesney Hawkes Net Worth
Len ‘Chip’ Hawkes Of The Tremeloes With His Wife Actress Carol Dilworth And Son Chesney

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