China Restricts Usage of Intel and AMD Chips in Government Computers

China has implemented guidelines aimed at phasing out U.S. microprocessors from Intel and AMD in government personal computers and servers, as reported by the Financial Times on Sunday.

According to the report, the procurement guidance extends to sidelining Microsoft’s Windows operating system and foreign-made database software in favor of domestic alternatives.

As per the reports, Government agencies at and above the township level have received instructions to incorporate criteria prioritizing “safe and reliable” processors and operating systems when making procurement decisions.

China Restricts Usage of Intel and AMD Chips in Government Computers
Procurement guidelines prioritize “safe and reliable” processors, operating systems, and databases sourced from Chinese companies.

In late December, China’s industry ministry released a statement featuring three distinct lists of CPUs, operating systems, and centralized databases considered “safe and reliable” for three years following the publication date, all sourced from Chinese companies, Reuters investigations confirmed.

The State Council Information Office, responsible for media inquiries for China’s cabinet, the council, did not provide an immediate response to a faxed request for comment.

Intel and AMD have not yet responded to the request for comment

China Restricts Usage of Intel and AMD Chips in Government Computers
The Biden administration’s 2022 CHIPS and Science Act aims to boost domestic semiconductor production and reduce reliance on China and Taiwan.

The United States has been actively working to enhance domestic semiconductor production and decrease dependence on China and Taiwan, particularly with the Biden administration’s 2022 CHIPS and Science Act.

This legislation is crafted to strengthen U.S. semiconductor capabilities and includes financial support for domestic production, offering subsidies for the manufacturing of advanced chips.

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