Chinese Business Group Accuses EU of Coercion

The China Chamber of Commerce to the European Union (CCCEU) issued a condemnation of the European Union’s utilization of its new Foreign Subsidies Regulation (FSR) as a form of economic coercion, highlighting concerns regarding recent investigations targeting Chinese solar companies.

The criticism arose following the European Commission’s initiation of two extensive investigations aimed at Chinese solar enterprises involved in public procurement for a photovoltaic park project in Romania.

“The European Commission has launched three in-depth investigations under the FSR, all directed at Chinese enterprises,” the CCCEU remarked, expressing apprehensions over these probes.

China and Europe (Credits: CCCEU)

The organization underscored the broad and ambiguous definitions of critical concepts outlined in the FSR, emphasizing that such regulations could unfairly burden companies, potentially foster discrimination against foreign enterprises, and create an uneven playing field for Chinese firms operating within the EU.

The CCCEU urged the EU to enhance transparency, safeguard the rights of Chinese companies, and diminish barriers to investment, public procurement, and business activities within the EU.

China Chamber of Commerce to the European Union Chairman (Credits: CCCEU)

“The EU must establish a legal and market framework that is equitable, transparent, and non-discriminatory toward Chinese enterprises,” the CCCEU emphasized.

Representing over 1,000 Chinese firms operating throughout the EU, with chambers located in various member states, the CCCEU is headquartered in Brussels.

Josh Alba
Josh Alba
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