Complete Guide On How To Start Your Own Pharmacy

How To Start Your Own Pharmacy

Starting a pharmacy can be a daunting prospect for first-time entrepreneurs, but with the right information, it can be a rewarding and successful venture. This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of the steps involved in starting a pharmacy from scratch, from researching the market to finding a suitable location and obtaining the necessary licenses and permits.

Research the Market

Before you begin the process of establishing a pharmacy, it is important to research the market. Ask yourself questions like: What type of pharmacy will you be running? Are there any competitors in the area? What services and products will you offer? What types of customers will you serve? Answering these questions will give you an understanding of the market, and help you create a business plan that will best suit your needs.


Once you have researched the market and determined the type of pharmacy you will be running, the next step is to find an appropriate location. Consider factors such as the availability of parking, foot traffic, and local zoning requirements. You should also research how accessible the location is for customers and make sure it meets any local licensing requirements.

Licenses and Permits

You will need to obtain several licenses and permits in order to legally operate a pharmacy. This includes a pharmacy license from your state or local government, as well as a Controlled Substance Registration from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). In addition, you may need to obtain an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) permit, as well as any other applicable licenses and permits.

Equipment and Supplies

Now that you have obtained the necessary licenses and permits, you will need to purchase the necessary equipment and supplies. This includes shelves, counters, medical equipment, and medications. You should also invest in a point-of-sale system, as well as a secure storage system for any controlled substances.


You will need to hire qualified staff to run the pharmacy. This should include a pharmacist, technicians, and other support staff. In addition, you should consider hiring security personnel to protect against theft, as well as any additional staff needed to run the business.


Once you have established the pharmacy and hired the necessary staff, the next step is to market your business. This can include traditional methods such as newspaper ads and flyers, as well as online marketing strategies such as social media and search engine optimization.

These are the basic steps involved in starting a pharmacy from scratch. While this guide provides an overview of the process, it is important to consult with an experienced attorney to ensure that you are in compliance with any applicable laws and regulations. With the right information and preparation, you can be well on your way to establishing a successful pharmacy.