Comsat Architects and Ubotica Technologies to Collaborate for AI-driven Satellite Technology

Comsat Architects, a prominent space communications firm based in Rocky River, Ohio, has unveiled a partnership with Ubotica Technologies, an autonomous AI-driven satellite technology company headquartered in Dublin.

The joint venture aims to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) technologies into communication systems and Earth observation capabilities on small satellites orbiting in low Earth orbits.

Offering a range of space communication analysis, advanced software, and aerospace technologies to both civil and commercial sectors, Comsat Architects serves clients such as NASA and various commercial enterprises.

The company specializes in providing space connectivity solutions for spacecraft in low Earth orbit (LEO), incorporating AI and machine learning (ML) technologies into various facets of data transmission.

One key focus area is the fusion of Earth observation with communications, enabling real-time Earth intelligence and delivering continuously updated insights into changing conditions on our planet. Traditional Earth observation methods face challenges as images are captured, transmitted to Earth, and then processed, often taking days.

Ubotica addresses this limitation by integrating onboard image processing and AI inference intelligence directly onto satellites, facilitating real-time insights. By merging this technology with communications systems, data can be swiftly transmitted to users on Earth within seconds, enabling prompt decision-making.

“This collaboration represents a significant milestone in leveraging the collective expertise of Comsat Architects and Ubotica to advance AI technologies in space systems,” remarked Dr. Kul Bhasin, CEO of Comsat Architects.

“We are thrilled to partner with Ubotica in exploring AI applications as we actively participate in the burgeoning commercial space economy.” Comsat Architects and Ubotica intend to delve into cloud detection technology using satellite image data, with potential applications including situational awareness, early detection capabilities, and Earth system monitoring.

“We are excited to collaborate with Comsat Architects,” stated Fintan Buckley, CEO of Ubotica. “AI has the transformative potential to revolutionize life on Earth, and our partnership extends this transformation to space, redefining how we observe and engage with our planet.”

Josh Alba
Josh Alba
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