Cybersecurity Challenges and Leadership: Matt Riley’s Role at Sharp Europe

Matt Riley, the data protection and information security officer for Sharp in Europe, faces common challenges in his role, often navigating complex discussions with business colleagues regarding cybersecurity measures.

His approach emphasizes avoiding outright refusals, believing that constant negativity does not effectively communicate the importance of cybersecurity. He notes that businesses increasingly prioritize cybersecurity, a shift from a decade ago when awareness was lower.

One of Riley’s primary obstacles is the disparity in cybersecurity knowledge between IT professionals and business decision-makers. Acknowledging that merely saying ‘no’ erects barriers, Riley employs storytelling to illustrate cyber risks in relatable terms.

This method helps bridge the comprehension gap and enables informed decision-making among stakeholders, as demonstrated in his experience with evaluating a new wireless network supplier for Sharp’s leadership team.

Cybersecurity Challenges and Leadership: Matt Riley's Role at Sharp Europe
Cybersecurity Challenges and Leadership: Matt Riley’s Role at Sharp Europe

In this specific instance, despite initial enthusiasm for the supplier’s proposition, Riley’s diligence revealed significant gaps in security assurances from the supplier. By presenting these findings transparently to the leadership team, Riley facilitated a decision-making process that led them to decline sponsorship for the supplier without dictating a definitive ‘no’.

This approach underscores his strategy of guiding decisions through informed risk assessment rather than imposing restrictions outright.

Looking ahead, Riley anticipates increasing cybersecurity threats through supply chains, identifying it as a critical area of concern. He advocates for a cultural shift towards rigorous due diligence in supply chain management, stressing the need for risk-based approaches given the nuanced nature of security vulnerabilities.

This proactive stance reflects his broader philosophy of implementing robust controls to safeguard Sharp and other companies against evolving cyber threats.

Riley’s approach to cybersecurity leadership blends technical expertise with strategic communication and risk management. By fostering understanding and collaboration across departments, he aims to strengthen organizational resilience against cybersecurity challenges in an increasingly interconnected digital landscape.

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