Damon Thomas’ Net Worth: How Much Does The Music Producer Earn?

There was a significant fall in his net worth.
Damon Thomas 2021 Net Worth ex kardashian husband music producer
Damon Thomas

Damon Thomas was married to Kim Kardashian, a celebrity reality star, from 2000 to 2004. Thomas was a football player at Wayne State College before becoming famous for his music. He then went on to play in the NFL for 17 games. In addition, he played professionally for the Thonon Black Panthers in France. Harvey Mason Jr. is the son of session drummer Harvey Mason Sr. Damon Thomas worked with R&B producer Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds on hits such as Dru Hill’s “These Are the Times,” Faith Evans’ “Never Gonna Let You Go,” and Pink’s “Most Girls” in the late 1990s as a songwriting and production partner. Before joining forces with Thomas, Harvey Mason Jr. was a member of the Darkchild crew, working alongside Rodney Jerkins.

With his claim to fame tying a knot with one of the Kardashians, his net worth is about one million dollars! A former maid sued Thomas and Kardashian in February 2010 for inability to make payments for services rendered. Damon Thomas declared bankruptcy in California in 2012. He is the poorest of the exes that the richest ever influencer had in her list of lovers. It’s ironic as the Music producer has bad-mouthed Kim on several occasions, but she only spoke up once, and the attention to this specific relationship died down pretty quickly! Damon Thomas remains one of the lesser-known beau’s of the famous Kardashian. 

Damon Thomas Kim kardashian Net Worth 2021
Damon Thomas Kim Kardashian

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The Wedding:

Kim’s first husband happens to be Thomas. Handful people know much about Damon because she married him before she became a household name. Kim and Damon had married on the spur of the moment as they eloped!  Damon was ten years older at the time, and she was 19. They were only married for four years. They were legally divorced by the end of the year 2004. Kim described Damon as “very controlling” in Keeping Up With The Kardashians. She had stated that he was “the king of the castle” and that he would always decide what they would do and when they would do it. She also claimed that Damon was the one who persuaded her to quit her job at the Kardashian clothing store and drop out of college.  

Damon contradicted Kim’s claims in an interview with the New York Daily News. He claimed to the media portal in 2010 that it was him, not Kim, excuse the rhyme, who had filed for divorce. After discovering that Kim was cheating on him with multiple men, the music producer claimed he filed for divorce. He also asserted that he was hoodwinked into paying for cosmetic procedures. 

Kim kardashian Damon Thomas 2021 Divorce Net Worth
Kim Kardashian Damon Thomas 2021 Divorce

Revelations And Heartaches:

Kim is very hesitant to discuss this specific relationship as it can be described as messy at best. Damon Thomas has also resorted to calling his ex-wife disgusting names in interviews. When Kim married Damon, she admitted to being under the influence of ecstasy. While discussing the first time she took the drug, she revealed that she married Damon on ecstasy. She also stated that those four years were physically and mentally abusive.

After filing for bankruptcy in 2021, the Grammy Award winner’s net worth came crashing down from a high of 45 Million dollars to just a million dollars. The struggle seems to be continuing ever since then. He got into a relationship with Sarai Tennille Torres, with whom he has a child, Dimas Thomas, after a very messy and under public scrutiny divorce with Kim Kardashian. 

Damon Thomas 2021 Net worth grammy
Damon Thomas

A significant part of his earnings stem from his records and music productions, currently, he’s made a steady 1 million dollars for all his musical brilliance. He has been nominated for several Grammy awards before! 

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