Delta Airline’s Checked Bag Fee Increased, Joining Recent Industry Trend

Delta Airlines has just announced a hike in its checked bag fee, adding $5 to the charge starting Tuesday, according to the company.

In a released statement, the airline clarified that the fee for both the initial and secondary checked bags will rise by $5 for the majority of domestic and short-haul international routes. However, passengers with Delta perks, including Delta SkyMiles Medallion members and those flying in first class, will still enjoy their complimentary baggage allowance, the airline assured.

Delta Airlines
Passengers now pay $35 for the first bag, and $45 for the second; Delta’s first hike since 2018.

Effective immediately, travelers will now need to allocate $35 for their first checked bag and $45 for the second one. This marks Delta’s first increase in baggage fees since 2018, a move aimed at keeping pace with the escalating operational costs within the industry.

Delta Airlines
Exemptions for Delta perks, including SkyMiles Medallion members and first-class travelers, remain unchanged.

This adjustment follows closely on the heels of American Airlines’ recent announcement of a similar price hike for checked baggage. Subsequently, United Airlines also indicated an upward adjustment in their checked baggage fees. Moreover, both JetBlue and Alaska Airlines have implemented price hikes earlier this year.

Delta emphasized that the raised fee will not affect tickets purchased before Tuesday’s announcement.

Sajda Parveen
Sajda Parveen
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