Disney Theme Parks Implement Significant Guest Policy Adjustment Amid Dispute with Florida Governor

Disney and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis are in a big fight. Disney made some big changes to how they help people with disabilities at Disneyland and Disney World.

This happened while Disney and the governor were arguing about making sure everyone is treated fairly, no matter who they are. Disney cares about this, but the governor has been making laws that Disney doesn’t like.

Disney Theme Parks Implement Significant Guest Policy Adjustment Amid Dispute with Florida Governor
DAS now offers in-park assessments, ensuring dynamic accommodation adjustments for guests with disabilities.

The fight got worse when the governor changed how a special area near Disney World was run. This area is important because it’s where Disney World is.

This happened after Disney’s old boss, Bob Chapek, spoke out against the governor’s law about not talking about being gay. This started a bigger fight about what people believe and how everyone should be treated.

Some people think DEI, which stands for diversity, equity, and inclusion, is really about treating people unfairly, leaving them out, and teaching them to believe certain things.

Disney’s Way of Including Everyone: Going Beyond DEI Labels

Disney is making sure everyone feels welcome, not just by talking about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), but by actually making changes in how they work and help their guests.

One big change is happening with their Disability Access Service (DAS) program, which helps guests with disabilities enjoy the theme parks.

Enhancing the DAS Program

Before, Disney decided who could use the DAS program before guests even entered the parks.

Disney Theme Parks Implement Significant Guest Policy Adjustment Amid Dispute with Florida Governor
Disney invests in staff training and collaborates with health professionals for fair DAS accommodations.

But starting on May 20 at Disney World and June 18 at Disneyland, they’ll also check guests’ needs while they’re in the park. This means they can better adjust to what guests need right then and there.

The DAS program doesn’t give instant access to rides. Instead, it lets guests ask for a return time to a ride, similar to the time they would wait in the regular line.

Supplementing More Support and Training

Disney isn’t just changing how they decide who can use the DAS program. They’re also providing more help for both guests and staff.

DAS updates include extended eligibility, group size limits, and ensuring fair access for guests. (Credits: Disney)

They’re training more staff members, called Cast Members, and working with Inspire Health Alliance professionals to make sure accommodations are given fairly.

“We’re hiring more Cast Members and giving them special training on both coasts to help guests figure out the best options for them,” Disney said. The updated program also makes DAS eligibility last for 120 days and limits the group size to four guests, except for immediate family members, to stop people from using the service unfairly.

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