Disneyland Initiates Lamp Post Replacement Project After Wind-Related Injuries

Disneyland in Southern California is taking precautions after a lamp post fell and hurt some visitors last year. They’re removing and replacing lamp posts near certain restaurants and the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, as reported by The Orange County Register.

Around 10 lamps have been taken out, according to MiceChat, a site that covers Disney news.

MiceChat reports at least 10 lamps were removed, citing awkward sizing and potential tripping hazards. (Credits: MiceChat)

MiceChat mentioned that the boxes used for these lamps are awkwardly sized and could be a tripping hazard, especially near the Rancho restaurant.

They described it as a low, neutral-colored box on the ground where people are carrying trays and looking for tables.

Three visitors were injured in November; one was struck on the head, and another was seen with a bandage.

Last November, when strong winds hit, a lamp post fell over on Main Street U.S.A., injuring three visitors. It happened near a flower bed close to the Disneyland flag pole, which is used for lighting during shows and parades.

An elderly woman got hit on the head and was taken away on a stretcher. Another guest was seen with a bandage on their head, as reported by Disneyland News Today.

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Michael Manua
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