Donald Trump Faces $83 Million Defamation Judgment Upheld in E. Jean Carroll Lawsuit

In a big loss for Donald Trump, a judge in New York has firmly said no to his request for a new trial in a lawsuit brought by journalist E. Jean Carroll. Trump, who’s known for his aggressive legal tactics, now has to pay $83 million after the court rejected his appeal.

This case is getting a lot of attention from the media and is an important moment in the legal fights Trump is facing.

Strong Decision Of Judge Kaplan

Judge Lewis Kaplan, who is overseeing this important case, made a clear and strong ruling against Donald Trump. In his decision, Kaplan said that the damages given to Carroll were fair because of the seriousness and impact of Trump’s actions.

Donald Trump Faces $83 Million Defamation Judgment Upheld in E. Jean Carroll Lawsuit
Judge Kaplan firmly rejects Trump’s bid for a new trial in a defamation lawsuit.

He said, “Donald Trump’s mean and constant attacks on Ms. Carroll were seen by more than 100 million people. They included threats and personal insults, and they put Ms. Carroll’s health and safety at risk.”

This statement shows that Trump’s actions went beyond just saying bad things about Carroll – they included real threats to her safety and well-being.

Donald Trump: Understanding the Damages

E. Jean Carroll, who used to write for Elle magazine, was awarded $17.3 million for compensatory damages and an extra $65 million for punitive damages.

Trump faces an $83 million payment following the court’s dismissal of the appeal in the Carroll case.

These amounts show that the court believes it’s important not only to compensate Carroll for the distress she went through but also to discourage similar behavior in the future. The large punitive part of the damages shows how serious the court is about punishing defamation and personal attacks.

This judgment is just one of the legal issues Donald Trump is facing. He’s also dealing with a criminal trial in New York over hush money. Trump strongly denies all accusations, including those from a different incident in 1996 involving Carroll in a Manhattan store.

Furthermore, Trump is under scrutiny for a social media post from 2022 where he called Carroll’s accusations “a Hoax and a lie.” This adds more complexity to his legal situation.

The Wider Legal Impact

This case isn’t just about Donald Trump – it’s a significant legal milestone for public figures and how they talk about private individuals.

Damages include $17.3 million compensatory and $65 million punitive for E. Jean Carroll.

Judge Kaplan’s strong rejection of Trump’s arguments reinforces the idea that public figures can’t use their fame to attack others without facing serious consequences.

As Trump deals with these complex legal battles, the outcome of this defamation case could affect other cases against him, like the one in the Supreme Court about election interference.

The $83 million judgment against Trump is a big moment in his life after being president. It shows the ongoing struggle between public actions and legal responsibility.

Sajda Parveen
Sajda Parveen
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