Ericsson’s Workforce Reductions Respond to Decreased 5G Demand

Ericsson, a leading telecommunications firm, has revealed its intention to terminate the employment of approximately 1,200 workers in Sweden. This decision forms part of a comprehensive cost-reduction strategy aimed at addressing the slowed demand for its 5G equipment.

The company has stressed that these job cuts are part of ongoing efforts to improve efficiency throughout its operations. In the preceding year, Ericsson underwent significant downsizing, eliminating 8,500 positions, which accounted for around 8% of its global workforce.

The current layoffs are a component of broader initiatives that encompass reducing consultancy services, streamlining processes, and minimizing facility expenses. Ericsson has initiated discussions with labor unions regarding the proposed layoffs.

Tech Sector’s Employment Downturn

According to recent data from Layoffs amidst a broader industry trend, Ericsson’s announcement of job cuts aligns with a wave of employment reductions sweeping through the technology sector.

Ericsson's Workforce Reductions Respond to Decreased 5G Demand
Over 50,000 tech job cuts in 2024 underscore industry-wide efforts toward profitability and efficiency, driven by advancements like AI.

FYI, more than 50,000 employees have faced termination from over 200 tech companies since the year’s inception. The year 2023 witnessed a staggering 260,000 job losses across nearly 1,200 tech firms, signaling a profound transformation in the sector’s employment dynamics.

Notable industry giants such as Alphabet, Amazon, Meta, and Microsoft have joined the trend, alongside prominent players like Cisco, DocuSign, Snap, and Zoom. These companies are prioritizing profitability by restructuring expenses and embracing efficiency-driven technologies such as artificial intelligence.

Ericsson’s Global Workforce Dynamics

As of the previous year’s close, Ericsson disclosed a workforce comprising 99,950 employees, with 10,744 situated in North America, as outlined in an SEC filing.

Ericsson's Workforce Reductions Respond to Decreased 5G Demand
With 99,950 employees worldwide, Ericsson’s focus on streamlining operations aims to strengthen its position in the 5G market.

The company’s move to trim its Swedish workforce mirrors its overarching global strategy in response to the prevailing economic headwinds confronting the tech domain.

Through operational streamlining and cost reduction measures, Ericsson endeavors to uphold its competitive stance in the swiftly evolving telecommunications landscape, with a keen focus on advancing and implementing 5G technology.

Sajda Parveen
Sajda Parveen
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