Expedia Group Gets More Hotels in Partnership

Expedia Group, the online travel company, has expanded its global footprint through a series of new and enhanced partnerships with hotels, booking platforms, and tourism boards.

In the Asia Pacific region, Expedia has collaborated with Ikyu, a Japanese online booking service specializing in luxury hotels and restaurants, as well as Top Town Travel, a provider of professional travel services catering to inbound and outbound travelers in China.

In North America, Expedia has joined forces with United Airlines to enhance its United Hotels platform, Stockotels, which curates accommodations for business travelers, and Paytrack, which can now provide its business travel clients access to Expedia’s lodging supply via the company’s rapid API solution.

Expedia Company
Expedia Company

In Europe, Radisson Hotels and Expedia Group have united to offer benefits to supporters of Liverpool Football Club. Additionally, B2B hotel booking website Book For Work has adopted Expedia’s Rapid API solution.

In the Middle East, Dubai’s Burj Al Arab Jumeirah hotel has joined Expedia Group’s VIP Access program, enabling guests to secure room upgrades and enjoy early check-in/late checkout privileges.

According to Expedia, hotels enrolled in this program tend to attract travelers who stay longer and spend more compared to non-participating properties.

Alfonso Paredes, Expedia’s President of Private Label Solutions, remarked, “Our purpose-built technology is transforming the travel industry. This translates to unparalleled travel options, competitive pricing, and unique experiences for travelers.”

Josh Alba
Josh Alba
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