FAA Gives Boeing 90 Days to Overhaul Quality Control After 737 Max Incident

The Federal Aviation Administration announced on Wednesday that it is granting Boeing a 90-day period to devise a strategy aimed at enhancing quality control measures. This directive comes in the wake of an incident involving a door plug dislodging from a 737 Max aircraft only nine minutes into an Alaska Airlines flight.

A preliminary investigation into Flight 1282 revealed that bolts necessary for securing the unused door panel were seemingly absent. This occurrence, detected earlier this month, prompted scrutiny of the production process at Boeing’s Renton, Washington facility, where the 737 Max aircraft is assembled.

Boeing Renton factory
Missing bolts in the door panel prompt scrutiny of Boeing’s Renton factory.

This incident represents the latest and most severe in a series of production issues plaguing Boeing’s flagship aircraft model.

“Boeing must commit to real and profound improvements,” stated FAA Administrator Mike Whitaker in a press release issued following a meeting with Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun and safety executives. “Effecting foundational change will necessitate a sustained endeavor from Boeing’s leadership, and we will ensure their adherence to this process, setting forth clearly defined milestones and expectations.”

Currently, the FAA is conducting an audit of Boeing’s 737 production lines. Last month, the agency announced a pause on Boeing’s planned increase in production of 737 Max planes until it is assured of the adequacy of quality control measures at the company’s production facilities.

Boeing Renton factory
Expert panel cites “disconnect” in Boeing’s safety culture, FAA expects improvements.

On Monday, an independent expert panel’s assessment of Boeing’s operations revealed a “disconnect” between the company’s senior management and frontline employees regarding safety culture. This evaluation was mandated by Congress following the tragic crashes of Boeing 737 Max planes in 2018 and 2019, resulting in the loss of all passengers and crew onboard.

The FAA indicated on Wednesday that it anticipates Boeing’s plan for improvement to encompass insights gleaned from the expert panel’s report and its ongoing audit, expected to conclude in the coming weeks.

Sajda Parveen
Sajda Parveen
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