Former Amazon Recruiter Reveals Strategies On How to Make an Impression Through Your Job Profile

Recruiters are famously strapped for time when reviewing resumes — with some spending as little as three to five seconds per document, as revealed by former Disney recruiter Simon Taylor. “Five is generous,” he previously disclosed to CNBC Make It. The sheer volume of candidates makes it challenging to allocate more time.

However, there’s a surprising difference in how recruiters approach LinkedIn profiles. “I spend 25 times longer on your LinkedIn profile than your resume,” shares Lindsay Mustain, a former Amazon recruiter turned CEO of career coaching company Talent Paradigm.

This extended scrutiny is because LinkedIn provides “a more comprehensive snapshot of a candidate’s professional journey,” she explains. Unlike the constraints of a resume’s one or two-page format, LinkedIn profiles offer a broader canvas.

Former Amazon Recruiter Reveals Strategies On How to Make an Impression Through Your Job Profile
LinkedIn profiles offer comprehensive insights and 25 times longer attention than resumes. (Credits: LinkedIn)

Mustain examines LinkedIn profiles both when actively scouting for candidates and during other times.

Within these profiles, there’s one particular aspect that sets candidates apart: their activities.

‘I’m looking for how you perceive a problem’

Beneath your banner, picture, and title lies a dedicated section for your activity. This space showcases your posts and public engagements with other users on the platform. Positioned even before your various workplace experiences, it’s a section that can capture the attention of hiring managers.

Former Amazon Recruiter Reveals Strategies On How to Make an Impression Through Your Job Profile
Become a top candidate easily by enriching your profile with engaging content.

Mustain suggests utilizing this area to demonstrate your engagement in your field. This could entail a post discussing your approach to certain situations in your job or highlighting frustrations within your industry, what Mustain refers to as “mini soapbox rants.” It might also involve responding to someone else’s post about their company’s new direction.

“I’m looking for how you perceive a problem or a solution that’s happening in your industry,” says Mustain. The aim is to showcase that you’re deeply contemplating the current state of your industry and how to propel it forward.

This section also humanizes you, she adds, in a way that a resume alone cannot. “I get to understand the things that matter to you.”

“It is so easy to become the top candidate” However, don’t overlook the other components of your profile.

Ensure your experiences are accurately portrayed, and aligned with the job you’re seeking, and that your profile is up-to-date. Include a professional photo and write a summary that reflects your professional identity and aspirations.

But also focus on enriching the activity section of your profile to distinguish yourself from the competition. “It is so easy to become the top candidate essentially,” she says, “because you have this other aspect.”

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