Former Employees to Sue Bowlero for Discrimination After EEOC Case Closure, Lawyer Confirms

Former employees who claim they were fired from Bowlero due to their age or as retaliation are preparing to take legal action against the bowling chain. This comes after the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) concluded its investigation into the company.

Bowlero, known as the largest owner and operator of bowling centers worldwide, has been under investigation by the EEOC since 2016. Over 70 former employees alleged they were unlawfully terminated by the company.

They argued that Bowlero dismissed them because they were considered too old as the company sought to revamp its bowling alleys into more upscale venues with better food and drink options.

Former Employees to Sue Bowlero
Bowlero denies firing employees for age, despite over 70 complaints and EEOC findings.

According to the EEOC, despite Bowlero denying these allegations, the EEOC’s investigation led to the closure of the case without further legal action from the commission. However, this doesn’t absolve Bowlero of any wrongdoing.

Following the EEOC’s decision, the affected former employees now have the opportunity to pursue their lawsuits against Bowlero. Their attorney, Daniel Dowe, intends to file a single lawsuit on behalf of these individuals seeking monetary damages.

The EEOC found reasonable cause in 58 of the complaints against Bowlero, indicating a belief that discrimination occurred. This determination is significant, as the EEOC only finds reasonable cause in a small fraction of cases annually.

EEOC closes the case against Bowlero, allowing former workers to sue individually.

While the EEOC attempted to settle the matter with Bowlero for $60 million in January 2023, those efforts were unsuccessful. Now, with the case moving to private action, Dowe plans to sue Bowlero for $80 million, plus legal fees.

Despite Bowlero’s satisfaction with the outcome of the EEOC investigation, its attorneys are prepared to contest any claims brought forward by the former employees. Additionally, a request from a former Bowlero executive to countersue the company was denied in court.

Prevailing, the legal battle between Bowlero and its former employees is ongoing, with both sides prepared to defend their positions in court.

Sajda Parveen
Sajda Parveen
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