Fortnite, Roblox, and the Evolution of Gaming Platforms in Social Marketing

In 2024, Fortnite and Roblox have carved out significant niches by leveraging the social platforms they initially sought to challenge. Both games have seen increasing integration of brands, yet engaging users within these branded experiences remains a challenge.

Many creators criticize Fortnite’s discovery tools as inadequate for driving traffic to user-generated maps, highlighting the difficulty in sustaining interest without proactive social campaigns.

To address this, marketers have turned to established social media channels to amplify their gaming activations. Rachel Rakowski from We Are Social notes that successful campaigns often combine influencer partnerships with strategic game developer collaborations, creating a synergistic approach that maximizes engagement.

This integrated strategy underscores the necessity of coordinating social media efforts alongside game launches to achieve widespread gamer involvement.


The convergence of gaming and social marketing is evident in the popularity of branded experiences within Roblox, which attracted over 13 million visits collectively in June 2024. Brands like Vans, Nike, and Lamborghini have capitalized on these platforms to reach a broad gaming audience directly.

Tom Morris of GWI observes a shift in the perception of gamers, noting that gaming’s ubiquity has broadened the demographic beyond traditional stereotypes, making gaming an increasingly viable avenue for advertising.

Understanding the evolving gamer demographic is crucial. Many self-identified gamers engage more passively, consuming content and following creators rather than actively playing games.

For brands looking to connect with this “cultural gamer,” social platforms provide an ideal venue. Jan-Hendrik Heuschkel of Unlocked emphasizes the importance of holistic campaigns that encompass social media posts, live streaming, and more, to maintain relevance and engagement among gamers.

While Fortnite and Roblox continue to expand their advertising capabilities, they face the challenge of reducing reliance on external social promotion to rival platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Gareth Leeding from Livewire highlights the significant role gaming content plays in driving engagement on these social giants, suggesting that gaming’s influence is reshaping social media from within.

Fortnite and Roblox are at the forefront of a marketing renaissance where gaming platforms serve as fertile ground for brand engagement. As these platforms evolve, their ability to enhance internal marketing tools and reduce dependency on external social media will be crucial in solidifying their status as advertising powerhouses comparable to established social networks.

Michael Manua
Michael Manua
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