FTC Files Lawsuit Against Amazon, Shopify Emerges as Competitor

A big thing just happened involving Amazon. They’re facing a lawsuit that might lead to them being split up, kind of like what happened in the past with other big companies. The one leading this lawsuit is Lina Khan, who is in charge of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

She has been critical of how much control Amazon has over the retail world. Khan has been worried about this for a while, going back to a paper she wrote in 2017 while at Yale Law School.

She’s concerned that Amazon has too much power in different areas, like selling things online and delivering them, and that this hurts competition and customers.

The lawsuit started in September and is meant to challenge Amazon’s practices, which Khan and others say stop competition and hurt both the people who sell stuff on Amazon and the people who buy from it.

Shopify’s Growth and Plans

Like Amazon, Shopify is getting attention for its growth. Shopify is an online store platform that helps small businesses sell their products.

Shopify Emerges as Competitor
Shopify’s expansion targets bigger clients, diversifies beyond small businesses, and offers diverse services.

Founded by Tobias Lütke, it started as a simple tool for making online stores but has become a big name in online retail.

Now, Shopify is reaching out to bigger clients, not just small businesses. They offer a bunch of services, like payment processing and data analysis, to help businesses grow. Despite challenges like competition and managing money wisely, Shopify’s way of doing things contrasts with Amazon’s dominance. They focus on giving businesses flexibility and control.

Accusations of Unfair Business

Amazon is being criticized not just by regulators but also by journalists and researchers.

FTC Files Lawsuit Against Amazon
Amazon faces allegations of using third-party seller data and denies unfair competition practices. (Credits: iStock)

Some say Amazon is using information from other sellers on its platform to compete against them unfairly, although Amazon denies this.

This debate is part of a bigger discussion about the power of big tech companies today, comparing them to old monopolies like Standard Oil. The lawsuit from the FTC against Amazon is based on these claims and could change how online shopping works.

Legal Issues

The FTC has accused Amazon’s top bosses, Jeff Bezos and Andy Jassy, of deleting important evidence for the antitrust investigation by using messaging apps that delete messages.

Amazon says they’ve been cooperating by giving lots of documents and data. This legal fight is happening at a time when many tech companies are being watched closely for how they handle data and talk internally, showing the tension between regulators and big tech.

Sajda Parveen
Sajda Parveen
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