Google to Expand Dark Web Report Feature Across Google Accounts, Enhancing User Security

The dark web is a part of the internet that requires specific software, like Tor, to access. While not inherently illegal, the dark web is often misused by cybercriminals for illegal activities such as distributing unlawful content, conducting malicious operations, and sharing user data obtained through security breaches or ransomware attacks. This hidden nature of the dark web makes it a hub for such illicit activities.

Google is planning to expand its “dark web report” feature to most Google Accounts. Previously a premium service available to Google One subscribers, this feature will now be accessible to free users as well. Alphabet, Google’s parent company, aims to democratize some of Google One’s exclusive benefits by making them available to a broader audience.

Users can create a profile to be monitored by the dark web report, which will scan for compromised sensitive data. The data monitored includes personal names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, social security numbers, usernames, and passwords.

Google to Expand Dark Web Report Feature Across Google Accounts, Enhancing User Security

This feature provides users with a way to check if their personal information has appeared on any dubious dark web sites, helping them take proactive steps in securing their information.

The dark web report displays findings in a redacted format to protect user privacy. Users can access their dark web report through the “Results about you” page, available on the mobile app or through their Google Account page. This feature aims to enhance user security by offering regular checks for compromised data.

Google has informed Google One subscribers that the dark web report will no longer be part of their subscription service starting in late July. Instead, it will be available through the Google Account page for both free and paying users in 46 countries, including many EU nations, the US, the UK, and Ukraine.

This move follows the removal of other Google One features, such as the Google One VPN, which was discontinued due to lack of interest. While Google One continues to offer additional cloud storage, the service is losing appeal for users who do not need this extra space.

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