Governor Kathy Hochul Allocates $55 Million to Expand New York’s Summer Youth Employment Program

Governor Kathy Hochul has committed $55 million from the state budget to bolster New York’s Summer Youth Employment Program. This initiative aims to provide young people from low-income families across the state with hands-on work experience and essential skills for their future careers.

Hochul stressed the program’s importance in offering many participants their first job, setting them on a path toward successful employment.

The program primarily targets youth aged 14-20 by placing them in various worksites where they receive paid employment during the summer months. This practical exposure not only offers financial support but also fosters crucial job skills that enhance their resumes and job applications.

Barbara C. Guinn, commissioner for the Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance, emphasized the transformative potential of the program, noting its role in equipping young participants with reliability, teamwork abilities, and financial management skills.

Governor Kathy Hochul
Governor Hochul Allocates $55 Million to Summer Youth Employment Program

Mary Hill, program director for FMS Workforce Solutions, emphasized the program’s importance, drawing from her extensive experience spanning over three decades. She highlighted how the program bridges gaps for low-income youth, providing them with opportunities for career exploration and mentorship.

Hill underscored the program’s comprehensive support, covering wages, liability insurance, and workplace monitoring while stressing the close relationships that often develop between participants and their mentors.

The Summer Youth Employment Program also invites local businesses across various sectors to participate as worksites, contributing to its broad community impact. Gina Papa, executive director of the Workforce Development Board, emphasized the program’s holistic approach in preparing youth not just for jobs but for successful careers.

She highlighted its focus on interpersonal skills, professional etiquette, appearance management, and financial literacy, essential components for sustained professional growth.

Looking ahead, FMS Workforce Solutions plans to host an orientation event to inform youth about the program’s offerings and provide insights from guest speakers. Hill expressed optimism about the program’s enduring benefits for both participants and businesses, noting its role in preparing youth for future opportunities.

The Summer Youth Employment Program stands out for its comprehensive support and transformative impact on the lives of young New Yorkers from underprivileged backgrounds.

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