Greggs Stores Are Having Payment Issues Via Card

Some branches of the popular bakery chain Greggs have temporarily closed or switched to cash-only transactions due to technical difficulties with their payment systems.

The closures come after recent disruptions to card payments at major retailers like Sainsbury’s and Tesco over the weekend, as well as at McDonald’s the Friday before.

Greggs issued a statement acknowledging the problem, stating, “We are currently experiencing issues accepting payments in our shops,” and assured customers that they are working to resolve the issue promptly.

Customers took to social media platforms to express their frustration, with some reporting being unable to make purchases and others encountering signs indicating temporary closures or cash-only policies.

One customer shared their experience on social media, stating, “Greggs this morning cash only! Sitting here with my coffee watching almost everyone have to walk out.”

Meanwhile, a photo circulating online showed a sign at a Greggs store apologizing for opening late due to technical issues and directing customers to place orders through alternative methods like click and collect or Uber Eats.

A Greggs employee in Manchester described how an error prevented items from being displayed when the tills were turned on, leading to closures at some nearby branches while awaiting technical assistance.

While the extent of the impact on Greggs branches remains unclear, some outlets are reported to be operating normally.

The technical glitch at Greggs adds to a string of similar incidents affecting prominent food brands in the UK. Sainsbury’s faced difficulties fulfilling online grocery orders due to a software update, while Tesco experienced unrelated technical issues leading to the cancellation of some orders.

Similarly, McDonald’s encountered a “global technology system outage,” preventing customers worldwide from placing orders.

Despite the inconvenience, fans of Greggs have found humor in the situation, joking on social media about the unique impact of an IT issue on their beloved sausage roll chain.

Michael Manua
Michael Manua
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