House Of Ashes Ending Explained: Indepth

House Of Ashes
House Of Ashes

The new game is The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes is a 2021 survival horror interactive drama video game developed by Supermassive Games and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The famous video game is the third of eight planned installments in The Dark Pictures anthology series, after 2019’s Man of Maiden and 2020’s Little Hope. House Of Ashes was officially released on October 22, 2021. The famous game is available for the platform, such as Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

The famous video game lets you have to make life-treating choices, and every answer you give has a set of consequences.  In the game, players will have a chance to replay the story and undergo different consequences with each decision they make. And, of course, the player will be able to keep unlocking different paths until they arrive at the winning path where each character is alive at the end.


Similar to its predecessor, House Of Ashes is an interactive drama. And the player in the game can control five characters trapped under an underground Mesopotamian temple during the 2003 Iraq War in the game where characters are stalked and then hunted by monsters awoken by the chaos. And all the five characters include CIA officer Rachel King (Ashley Tisdale), her husband, US Air Force lieutenant colonel Eric King, US Marine Corps first lieutenant Jason Kolchek (Paul Zinno), US Marine Corps sergeant Nick Kay (Moe Jeudy-Lamour), and Iraqi Army lieutenant Salim Othman (Nick Tarabay). Till the end of the game, players need to make different choices that can have long-term consequences as they influence how characters perceive each other and the course of the narrative. All characters can survive or die depending on the player’s decisions. As a result, House Of Ashes has multiple endings.

The famous video game introduces several gameplay changes. And also, the game camera is no longer fixed and is replaced by a 360-degree player-controlled camera. Now each player character is also equipped with a tactical flashlight on a specific firearm which can be used to illuminate dark areas and discover new ways. And the game also introduces various difficulty levels for the quick-time events. Making it more interesting to play. House Of Ashes features four main modes. In addition to the primary theatrical mode of the game, players who pre-order the game also gained access to the Curator’s cut, which allows players to experience the story from the perspective of another character. “Shared Stories” and “Movie Night,” the two multiplayer modes from the previous games, also return in this game.

House Of Ashes
House Of Ashes

House Of Ashes Plot

In ancient Akkad in 2231 BC, the Akkadians were engulfed in famine and plague, and war with the Gutian people. The king of the Akkadian has been trapped into madness, taking refuge in his great temple and executing Gutian prisoners as blood sacrifices. As the assault in the Gutians temple, a solar eclipse occurs, and unknown creatures appear, slaughtering. The Akkadian and Gutian armies. And Two survivors, Akkadian general Balathu and Gutian soldier Kurum flee into the temple catacombs to escape the creatures. However, they are quickly overwhelmed and presumably killed.

In 2003, USAF Lt. Colonel Eric King made his way to Iraq in the middle of the Iraq War. He briefs a team led by US Marines 1st Lt. Jason Kolcheck and Sergeant Nick Kay, both together will be raiding storage detected by satellite that may be holding weapons of destruction. The team also includes his estranged wife, CIA officer Rachel King. Meanwhile, an Iraqi soldier, Lieutenant Salim Othman, tries to give a gift to his son but is forced to stop Eric’s team by his commanding officer. Salim’s squad attacks the team shortly after they land, but the fighting between them causes a cave-in that causes everybody to fall into the ancient Akkadian temple buried underground.

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Deep down the temple, both sides are attacked by giant, bat-like creatures that they dub vampires. And they also find the remains of a British archeological expedition in the temple led by Randolph Hodgson, who discovered the temple in 1946. But shortly were killed by the vampires. They also notice that the bodies of slain humans can also be reanimated as vampires. Now the vampires continue to attack them, Salim reluctantly teams up with the Americans. They flee more profound into the ruins, where they notice the remains of a massive alien spaceship. By following the path of Hodgson’s, the team gets to know that the vampires were originally a space-faring alien race that was afflicted by a parasitic infection.

And when they crash-landed on Earth, the infected aliens mutated and turned into feral monsters. In the last the team finally finds a chamber holding thousands of hibernating vampires. And unwilling to risk them by being unleashed on the surface, the team ultimately decides to plant explosives and destroy the entire chamber. All of them then flee and manage to find a way back to the surface, but another solar eclipse happens. And the surviving vampires then attack all of them. Till the solar eclipse ends and a rescue team arrives to extract any survivors. Depending on how well all of them worked together as a team, either all, few, or none of them survived the game’s events.

House Of Ashes
House Of Ashes

House Of Ashes Ending Explained?

The Bearings tab is updated as players in this game can make decisions, but not each decision is marked. And so, it’s necessary to follow some paths to save everyone in the game. First, you must complete the Quick-Time-Events, aka, QTEs successfully to keep people alive. And you also must mainly watch out for The Assault, Semper Fi, and Daylight. These are where the three main big battles and QTE checks take place. Another beneficial tip is being honest, not choosing to shoot someone or deliberately failing a QTE can be an ideal way to keep a character alive.  The war of two sides should be able to cooperate efficiently. For example, Jason and Salim can work out their problems together and create a better relationship.

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Rachel should also be honest with Clarice and tell her she doesn’t look good when talking about the medicine, Clarice will then ask whether Rachel should come or not, and you should say that she should. Air support is a problem in which you have to decide to have it as a safety net or not. And before the eclipse is over, the final stand sees air support fire at the creatures to enable the characters to survive. And so, you should make Eric choose to have air support. When Jason is in trouble with the innocent farmer holding his hands up, there is an option for Jason to shoot him or let him go. And you should choose not to shoot him and instead let him survive.

House Of Ashes
House Of Ashes

How To Save Everyone In The Game?

Another beneficial tip for you is to make sure to take Merwin with you and medicate him after he has fallen. And as Jason gives him morphine, make sure that you fail the QTE check in the role of Nick to prevent him choking to death. When the morphine begins to work in, you will be able to escape. And as a result, this means Merwin can fix the radio. When one of the characters, Rachel, falls and hangs by a rope. Eric is facing a problem holding onto her and has to decide to either hold on or cut it. For the safety of everyone, you should make the decision to cut the rope as Eric will survive and won’t slide down the slope, and Rachel will also survive the fall.

Another beneficial tip for you is to make sure you walk down the dark path to discover Joey’s medical kit. And when escaping the temple, Rachel can stay behind and shoot with Jason. When it comes to the attacks, Clarice is left behind, and so Eric will survive. And also Rachel helps Eric, and he survives too. Salim also shoots at the monster assaulting Rachel rather than the one attacking him. It is all a result of helping the characters survive. At the end of the game, Jason should decide to go back for Salim, and in the final standoff, each character will have their QTE survival sequence, so this part is crucial too.

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