Indonesian Airline Company Under Scrutiny After Pilots Fall Asleep Mid-Flight

Following an alarming incident, an Indonesian airliner is currently under scrutiny after two of its pilots reportedly fell asleep mid-flight, leaving 159 passengers aboard.

According to an incident report from the country’s National Transportation Safety Committee, Batik Air flight BTK6723 deviated from its designated course during a flight on January 25 when its two pilots dozed off for a duration of 28 minutes.

The episode unfolded during a routine two-and-a-half-hour journey from South East Sulawesi to the Indonesian capital, Jakarta. The pilot in command, aged 32, fell asleep for an hour after informing his 28-year-old deputy. Upon awakening, he offered to switch positions with his co-pilot, a proposition that was declined.

Upon reawakening 28 minutes later, the pilot discovered that the aircraft had veered off its intended flight path and that his second-in-command was also dozing, as detailed in the incident report.

Thankfully, the pilot managed to rectify the situation and safely landed the plane in Jakarta without any harm to the passengers. During the pilots’ nap, air traffic control attempted to establish communication with BTK6723, but received no response.

Although the incident report did not disclose the pilot’s identity, it revealed that he was a 32-year-old Indonesian national with a valid Airline Transport Pilot License and certification as an Airbus A320 pilot.

Upon investigation, the second-in-command confessed that he had been experiencing difficulties in obtaining sufficient rest due to his responsibilities in caring for his one-month-old twins at home.

In response to the incident, Batik Air has temporarily suspended both pilots, while the country’s transport ministry issued a strong reprimand to the airline. An investigation has been initiated to determine the cause of the lapse in protocol.

Josh Alba
Josh Alba
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