Is Georgie Barrat Pregnant? The Gadget Show Host Opens Up

Georgie Barrat Pregnant
Georgie Barrat Pregnant

Georgie Barrat is a journalist and television presenter. She is best known for hosting the show The Gadget Show. The show started its broadcast on Channel 5 in the year 2004. From the time it aired, the major focus of the show was to introduce cool gadgets and newer technology to the interested people and make the general audience aware of the existing technologies. Barrat joined the show in 2017. Since then, she has hosted the show and co-presenters Craig Charles, Ortis Deley, and John Bentley.

Like most celebrities, Barrat has always been private about her life. There has been only a little information about her life outside the career. Some reports suggest that the journalist is married. But lately, there have been rumors about her being pregnant. Even though the credibility of the news is questionable, her Instagram stories suggest otherwise. Let us find out more about this as we check out more into the personal life and career of the television presenter.

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Is Georgie Barrat Pregnant?

Yes. Tech journalist and television presenter Georgie Barrat is pregnant. On the 25th  of November this year, Barrat posted on Instagram that she is six months pregnant and will be a mother of a girl child. Barrat and her husband have been trying to become parents for quite some time now. But as Barrat puts it, her journey to become a parent was not ‘bump-free. The couple had to resort to fertility treatments, and now they are happy and excited to bring their daughter to the world.

Georgie Barrat Pregnant
Georgie Barrat And Husband

Barrat shared a video on Instagram that traced all the beautiful moments in the pregnancy up until now. Her followers were also equally excited about the news. But the news did not come out as a surprise. Many fans commented that they saw this coming. In her last episode of the Gadget Show, Barrat was seen sitting on a chair with cushions and dungarees. This was out of the normal and made the viewers suspicious. Hence the news that she was expecting came out as an affirmation rather than a shock.

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More About Georgie Barrat’s Early Life And Career

Georgie Barrat was born on 31st March 1989 in Manchester, England. She is 32 years old. Barrat completed her graduation from King’s College London with a degree in English literature. She then took a diploma in Radio Production. Barrat was an ambitious student right from a young age. But her family could not afford all the costs associated with her education. Hence she had to take a bank loan. In a recent Instagram post, she announced that she finally closed her education loans, and it took her eleven years to do so.

Barrat had a genuine interest in tech journalism, which prompted her to write for a number of publications like Marie Claire and, The Mirror. She delivers her tech advice through several streams. The 32-year-old is a regular face in ITV’s British lifestyle show called the Weekend. The program is a talk show which features celeb guests talking about their lifestyle, talents, and so on. Barrat often appears as a tech expert on the show. But her breakthrough came in 2017 when she became the co-host of the Channel 5 program The Gadget Show. This show has been on the air for more than a decade now. After its 24th series, Georgie Barret was invited to present the show and co-hosts Craig Charles, Ortis Deley, and John Bentley. The show is famous for setting a number of Guinness World records during its running time.

Georgie Barrat Pregnant
Georgie Barrat

Barrat is a feminist and has been highly vocal about her desire to bring more girls into the world of coding and technology. There is a common misconception that the STEM fields are meant for men. But Barrat believes that even though these fields are dominated by men in the present scenario, things are about to change as more girls are interested in science and technology and have been pursuing a career in related fields these days.

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