Is Vanessa Hudgens Pregnant? All We Know About Her Pregnancy Rumor

Vanessa Hudgens Pregnant
Vanessa Hudgens Pregnant

Celeb pregnancy is always a hot topic to discuss. Now and then, talks about some famous star being pregnant pop up with little to no credibility. Most of the time, these are baseless rumors spread by the fans. Recently there has been a lot of talk about the actress Vanessa Hudgens being pregnant. This was following her red carpet appearance for her new movie premiere. The actress has not responded to any of these comments. Hence to brush it off as false claims would be wrong since there are high chances this might be true.

Hudgen’s life has always been in the spotlight since her rise to stardom through The High School Musical series. Thenceforward she has made headlines several times during her career, from rumors about her boyfriends and partners to the choices regarding her career. However, in this article, we will be addressing the recent allegations the star is facing, that is, whether or not the actress is pregnant. Let us find out more about this as we read.

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Vanessa Hudgens Pregnant?

No, the High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens is not pregnant. The false rumors about the pregnant actress spread after her red carpet appearance with her boyfriend Cole Tucker earlier this month. They appeared together for the premiere of Vanessa’s new movie, Tick Tick Boom, a musical starring Andrew Garfield and Alexandra Shipp. For this premiere, Vanessa decided to flaunt the red carpet with a white angelic lacey gown as she posed alongside her boyfriend. She posted a photo of her and Tucker on Instagram and commented that it was a magical night. But nowhere can we see any announcement or mention of her expecting a child. This rumor started after a fan took it to Twitter that Vanessa could be expecting.

Vanessa Hudgens Pregnant
Cole Tucker And Vanessa Hudgens Attend The 2021 Gala Premiere Of Netflix’s “tick, tick…BOOM”

Vanessa is an active social media user. She updates her Instagram and Twitter regularly regarding her life and career. So if the rumors were true, there would have been a mention of it in her social media accounts. But there have not been any posts that suggest that she is pregnant. Also, the 32-year-old star did not respond to any of these baseless comments. She instead posted a photo of toned tum to clear the air. This move drove off the baseless pregnant rumors without having the actress make any official statement about it.

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Controversies About The COVID-19 Pandemic Statement

It is nothing new for celebrities to face rumors and allegations. Especially when you are someone with a high paycheck, every little thing you say or do will be used against you at some point in time. In March 202, Vanessa posted a video on Instagram and commented that the pandemic would inevitable death. Many found this comment a little insensitive. When we should be spreading messages about how not to panic about the situation, Vanessa’s words could have had a negative impact.

Even though the actress tried to justify her statement by claiming that her comment was taken out of context, she could not sim down the protests. And finally, she gave an apology for her actions through another Instagram post. She commented that the whole experience was awakening for her, and she did not mean her statement to be harsh or negative in any form. She also clarified that she was not trying to take the pandemic lightly, but if it offended the public, she was deeply apologetic about the situation.

Vanessa Hudgens Pregnant
Vanessa Hudgens

But this is not the only time the actress made the news. In 2007, Hudgens made the headlines after her naked photos were leaked online. Due to this, she was dropped from the movie High School Musical 3. Hudgens apologized for the situation and commented that she was embarrassed over the incident. The photos were later taken down from the website.

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