Israel’s Military Urges Immediate Evacuation of Palestinian Civilians in Parts of Rafah

Israel’s military has started moving Palestinians out of parts of Gaza’s southern city of Rafah. This comes before a planned military action where about half of Gaza’s total population is taking shelter.

“For your safety, the IDF appeals to you to evacuate immediately to the expanded humanitarian area in Al-Mawasi,” said Avichay Adraee, head of the Arab media division of the Israel Defense Force (IDF), in a message on X, translated from Arabic using Google.

“The IDF will act with extreme force against terrorist organizations in your areas of residence, as it has done so far. Anyone close to terrorist organizations puts his life and the life of his family at risk,” the message added.

Al-Mawasi is a small coastal area, about half a mile wide and 8.6 miles long. It already hosts several hundred thousand displaced Palestinians.

Al- Mawasi

Currently, over 1.2 million people are seeking shelter in Rafah, with most fleeing other parts of Gaza. They are living mainly in tents, lacking enough water, food, and basic medicine.

The White House, along with the United Nations, World Health Organization, and other international bodies, has urged Israel not to launch an offensive in Rafah, warning of severe humanitarian consequences. However, Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu stated that an operation there is necessary for Israel to win its war against Hamas.

Israel’s Attempt of Pursuing Total Victory in Gaza

Netanyahu and his right-wing coalition have rejected pleas from Washington, stating that Israel will proceed with its offensive into Rafah regardless of U.S. support.

As per CNBC report, “The idea that we will halt the war before achieving all of its goals is out of the question. We will enter Rafah and we will eliminate the Hamas battalions there – with or without a [cease-fire] deal, in order to achieve total victory”, Netanyahu declared in Jerusalem on Tuesday.

Israel's Military Urges Immediate Evacuation of Palestinian Civilians in Parts of Rafah
IDF Soldiers (Credits: The Moscow Times)

The IDF estimates that 5,000 to 8,000 Hamas fighters are in the densely populated southern city, which it sees as the militant group’s last stronghold.

This announcement follows the collapse of the latest round of hostage and cease-fire negotiations in Cairo on Sunday, with both Hamas and Israeli officials blaming each other.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant stated, “We see signs that Hamas does not intend to go to any agreement.” Israel did not send a delegation to Cairo for the talks, which were mediated by Qatar and Egypt.

Hamas has proposed releasing hostages in exchange for a full cease-fire, but Israel refuses, intending to continue its offensive until Hamas is eliminated. The Hamas delegation left Egypt for Qatar, where it has a political office, after stating that “in-depth and serious discussions” took place. They plan to return to Cairo on Tuesday to continue negotiations.

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