Jarvis Cocker Net Worth 2021: How Rich Is The Musician In 2021?

Jarvis Cocker Net Worth
Jarvis Cocker Net Worth

Jarvis’s work has always attracted fans’ interest. His last album beyond the pale which was released in 2020 was a super hit. They ever called it the “alive album”. Have you listened to the album? If not then you should. His songs in 1990s were known to be era-defining. But I must say, he still got it! His brilliant chorus and verse stand out in all the 7 songs and depicted the Britpop star he is. Besides, the music he is always up to something in his career. Let’s move forward to know more about Jarvis’s cocker.

Who Is Jarvis Cocker?

Jarvis Branson Cocker is one of the well-known artists in the industry. His work as a musician has enticed listeners since the Mid-1990s. Jarvis was born on 19 September 1963, in Sheffield. He is also known as JARV IS. His work is related to Pop, rock, punk music. Initially, he started working as a musician in 1978. Over the period he became famous as a singer, songwriter, and radio presenter. In fact, you can Buy and stream his music at JARV IS… (jarviscocker.net).

Further, he was a hit musician of the 1990s era. His work with Pulp, common people was era-defining and sensational. No doubt his hard work is paying off, as in 2021 Jarvis Cocker’s net worth is in millions. Before moving further with  Jarvis Cocker Net Worth, let’s get you more details about it.

Jarvis has always kept his personal life private, as there isn’t much information about his dating life. He is currently single. Moreover, ever since his divorce from his wife, he was never reported to be engaged or married again. However, before his wife, he was dating Chloë Sevigny (1998 – 1999).

Jarvis Cocker Net Worth 2021
Jarvis Cocker in the 1990s

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Jarvis Cocker Pulp

At the age of fifteen Jarvis founded the band pulp. Though at that time it was Arabacus Pulp instead of Just Pulp. The Pulp has many hit albums among which, Common people, Disco 2000, and Different Class are some. It was reported that in 1997 the pulp band was split up. It was also highlighted that it was due to Cockers drug addiction. As a result, the band split up. Over the years, the cocker popularity trend has seen highs and lows. It is acknowledged that last year’s album Beyond the Pale was a hit. It is known to be one of their best albums.

Where Is Jarvis Now?

Jarvis is currently working on several projects related to radio 4. Subsequently, he has hosted many shows, made many documentaries, Worked as editor and music director. Besides his works with Pulp, He time to time work on other projects as well. Let’s move on to Jarvis Cocker Net Worth.

Jarvis Cocker Net Worth 2021
Jarvis Cocker

What is Jarvis Cocker Net Worth?

According to the sources, his net worth is estimated to be 5 million dollars. Though, the exact amount is unknown. Moreover, it is difficult to state the exact amount. It is known that most of this income forms from his words as a musician. He is invested in other projects as well. He is also a radio presenter on BBC Radio 6 Music called Jarvis Cocker’s Sunday Service. Besides this, he is a voice actor, Music video director, songwriter, instruments player(guitar, keyboard).

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Surely his hard work paid as Jarvis Cocker Net Worth is in millions now. Let’s move on to clear some of your frequently asked questions.


Ques 1- What is Jarvis Cocker Age?

Ans- Jarvis Cocker is currently 59 years old.

Ques 2- Is Jarvis Cocker Married?

Ans- Jarvis Cocker is single now. He was once married to Camille Bidault-Waddington. But in 2009 they announced that they are taking divorce. Moreover, they both have one son together.

Ques3- Did Jarvis Cocker Remarry?

Ans- According to the sources, Jarvis was never remarried.

Ques 4- What is Jarvis Cocker’s height?

Ans- Jarvis Cocker is 6 feet 2 inches Tall.

Ques 5- Who is Jarvis Cocker Son?

Ans- Jarvis Cocker and Camille Bidault-Waddington have a son named Albert.

Ques 6- How old is Albert( Jarvis cocker’s son)?

Ans- Albert was born in March 2003, which makes him 18 years old.

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