Karla Laveaga: Who Is The Model Dating In 2021?

The model has been in a continuous on-again, off-again relationship!
Karla Laveaga Model Dating Alejandro Fernandez Mexican Singer Instagram model Love Life Hiatus
Karla Laveaga

Karla Laveaga is a Mexican model. She was born on the 20th of September in 1991 in Guadalajara! She is currently 30 years old and is the earth sign, Virgo! Her most significant relationship seems to have been with one man, Alejandro Fernandez, whom she dated for four years on and, after a bit of break, dated for another four years. Who wouldn’t fall for the green eyed-cutie after she flashes her Cheshire cat smile at you? As she showed an immense passion for design and art, she studied interior design at the University of Guadalajara and has an Instagram account where she posts fashion and photography content. ‘Who magazine’ has also called the model one of Mexico’s most beautiful women!

Karla, 30, and Alejandro, 50, began dating eight years ago. They broke up numerous times over that period, the most recent in 2019, but they appear to have given each other another love shot. The couple rarely posts images on social media, but throughout these years, the model joined the singer on several family outings and as a spectator at regional singers’ concerts.

Karla Laveaga Alejandro Fernandez Mexican Singer Model Guadalajara Dating 2021 Love Life Hiatus
Karla Laveaga Alejandro Fernandez Mexican Singer Model Guadalajara Dating 2021 Love Life

Who Is Alejandro?

On April 24th, 1971, Alejandro Fernández Abarca was born. He is a well-known vocalist in Mexico. Alejandro has sold over 20 million records worldwide, making him one of the best-selling Latin music artists. He is known as “El Potrillo” (The Lil’ Colt) by the media and his fans. Vicente Fernández, a ranchero performer, is his father. Alejandro sought inspiration and began his career as a ranchero artist, but soon turned to pop music after his big break! He has been honored with a star on the Hollywood walk of fame and two Latin Grammy awards! In 1976, he made his first public appearance in one of his father’s concerts. Alejandro was supposed to play the song “Alejandra,” but he lost the lyrics in the midst, started crying, and then had a panic attack. Vicente Fernandez, his father, joined him on stage began to sing with him. His debut album, Self Titled: Alejandro Fernandez, was released under his record company, Sony. He has effectively moved out into mainstream music since his 1997 album Me Estoy Enamorando. He starts his live performances with his ranchera repertoire, then takes the charro outfit to sing pop songs. 

Alejandro Fernandez mariachi pop music singer Mexican ranchero Vicente karla dating 2021 love life
Alejandro Fernandez

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Buds of Love:

As a very private person, Karla Laveaga doesn’t generally post much about her personal life on social media. Even though being a model and an influencer entails many details, Karla maneuvers around those loopholes, safeguarding her privacy and giving the audience what they want. It’s an art to have the media know a bit of love life barely. It’s been said that she and Alejandro keep getting on and off-track from their relation railroad, but their most recent hiatus was in 2019. In September this year, her famous Mexican Popstar boyfriend made quite a few appearances in her Instagram story, so it can be assumed that they might be in love again. The couple was always the talk of the town due to their 20-year age gap, but that didn’t seem to phase either of the lovers even for a bit. Karla has received a lot of backlash for trying to woo a person so much older than her, but time and time again, Alejandro’s reciprocation proved that nothing could keep their feelings apart.

Alejandro Fernandez Concert Pics World Tour Slot Love On Tour 2021 Karla Laveaga
Alejandro Fernandez Concert Pics World Tour Slot Love On Tour 2021 Karla Laveaga


It was initially found that Karla was a massive fan of Alejandro Fernandez. How this turned into a romance, we don’t know, but the couple has spent their holiday seasons together ever since 2012. (of course, except on time they spent apart!) The model spoke to the media about breaking up with Alejandro Fernandez in 2019, nobody knew why. In 2020 September, the pair were seen dancing, but you couldn’t decipher their relationship status with a dance. Alejandro posted a lovely message on Instagram with a snapshot of the two of them celebrating her birthday in September. On his official Instagram account, he also posted stories that made way to Karla’s top 5 stories on her day! Karla was tagged in the post, with the Mexican singer wishing her well and congratulating her. He also wished her well for the rest of her life. She also seemed to have accompanied him on his tour this September. 

Dating Rumors 2021 Love Life Karla Model Mexican Singer
Alejandro On Stage With His Father

The couple, famous for their reunions, is indeed together as of September 2021! 

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