Katya Jones Boyfriend: Personal Life & Dating History

Katya Jones Dating history
Katya Jones Dating history

Strictly Come Dancing fame Katya Jones is a Russian professional dancer. The star won the show in its 15th season, along with partner Joe McFadden. But the star’s fans are still shocked after her sudden exit from the show in its 19th season. In a final dance-off, Katya and partner Adam Peaty competed with fellow dancers Tilly Ramsay and Nikita Kuzmin. Although the judges were split in opinion, they finalized to eliminate Katya and Adam.

Adam and Katya responded to the withdrawal from the series in a very emotional post. In the post, they mentioned how much they were fond of each other, and it’s heartbreaking to realize how they won’t be on the stage together again. But this is not the only news that made headlines for Katya in the year 2021. Dating rumors regarding the star have also resurfaced as she talked about her dating life in an interview. So let us find out more about the dancer as we tap into her life.

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Is Katya Jones Single?

In a recent Q & A session with the fans, the star revealed that she is currently single. Centre of numerous affairs and scandals, Katya also shared that no matter how many dates she’s been, one of them was good enough. Though the revelation might seem quite offensive given her dating history, Katya brushed it off as a joke. Katya Jones, aka Ekaterina Andreevna Sokolova, split from her ex-husband Neil Jones ended their marriage in 2019. They were together for a span of 11 years. Although they parted ways, Katya still wears her wedding ring as she states it is too pretty and expensive to shelve. Before Neil, Katya was rumored to have been in a relationship with many other dancers.

Katya Jones Dating history
Katya Jones

All The Men Katya Jones Have Dated.

Katya Jones is rumored to have been in many relationships. Even in a recent Q & A session on Instagram, she revealed how she has had many men in her life. But in the same session, when asked about the best date, the dancer replied that it was yet to come. At the beginning of her career, Katya dated dancer Igor Astafiev. The pair split as Katya had to move to the UK as a part of her rising career. Astafiev has even mentioned Katya as his first true love and said that he once hoped that they could be together and be a part of each other’s lives, both personal and professional.

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Katya Jones Dating History
Neil Jones And Katya Jones Attend The Strictly Dancing star.

Katya met Neil Jones in the year 2008. The couple dated for a long and then got married in the year 2013. Neil, also a professional dancer, paired up with Katya to win British National Championship four times and was also undefeated three times in the World Amateur Latin championships. It felt as if this was what Astafiev wished when he said that he wanted to be a part of Katya’s life. 11 years into life, both of them seemed like the power couple we would root for. But all of this came to an end when a scandal burst out regarding the infamous kiss between Katya and her then dance partner Seann Walsh. Even though both Katya and Seann apologized for their conduct, it did not stop Neil from parting ways with Katya.

Katya Jones Dating history
Katya Jones And Seann Walsh Perform At Strictly Dancing

After their divorce was confirmed, Katya and Neil took it to social media that although the kiss might have been a factor, it is not the sole reason. The couple stood by each other for over a year, even after the scandal. This is why they made it clear that it had nothing to do with their separation. They confirmed that they would remain friends even after the split.

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Katya And Seann Walsh Kiss Scandal

Katya paired up with comedian Seann Walsh in the 16th season of the show Strictly Dancing in 2018. During that time, both Katya and Seann had partners. But things went out of hand when they shared a kiss during a night out in London. Even though Neil stood by Katya through the whole scandal, Seann’s girlfriend Katherine went on to dump him. Then later, both Katya and Seann apologized for the unfortunate incident.