Kenya Braces for Cyclone After Devastating Floods

Torrential rains and sudden floods are causing a lot of problems in Kenya. They’re destroying homes, causing deaths, and forcing many people to leave their homes. People are really worried because there’s a cyclone called Hidaya that might hit the Kenyan coast.

The Kenya Meteorological Department said that although the cyclone got weaker after hitting Mafia Island in Tanzania, more storms are developing, so they’re keeping a close eye on the situation.

They’re expecting heavy rain along the Kenyan coast on Sunday and then moving further inland by Monday and Tuesday. There could be strong winds and big waves, especially for people living near the coast or working on the sea.

Kenya Braces for Cyclone After Devastating Floods
Cyclone Hidaya threatens the Kenyan coast, causing authorities to remain on high alert.

The situation is serious. So far, 228 people have died because of the heavy rains and floods, and there’s no sign that things will get better soon. Around 205,000 people across the country have been affected, and 72 people are missing.

The Kenya Red Cross Society says a lot of livestock have been lost, and many farms and roads have been damaged. Businesses, schools, and health facilities have also been affected.

People living in places like Kithimani village in Kitui County are scared because they’ve seen houses collapse due to the heavy rain and strong winds. This kind of rain is worse than what they experienced during the El Nino phenomenon in 1997 and 1998.

Heavy rains and floods devastate Kenya, with 228 deaths, 205,000 affected, and 72 missing.

In Machakos County, Daniel Nduti woke up to find his toilet collapsed because of the heavy rain. Rescue teams are working hard to help people in areas like Nakuru, Nairobi, Kirinyaga, Homa Bay, Machakos, and Tana River, which are some of the worst-hit places.

Across the border in Tanzania, the cyclone has weakened, but it still caused problems. In Kenya, tourism has been affected, and some tourists had to be moved from Maasai Mara National Reserve because of flooding.

The floods damaged many roads, making it hard to move around and deliver food. President William Ruto decided to postpone the reopening of schools because of the floods.

To deal with climate change, Ruto wants people to plant more trees to restore the environment. However, the United Nations is worried that the floods could bring diseases like cholera. Already, there have been 34 cases reported in Garsen Sub-County in Tana River County.

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